23 October 2018

Soya Bran Exfoliator Body Mask

Looking back at the Showcase event earlier this year, I definitely wasn't as calm or collected as I was hoping I would be. Gone are the days when I panic over missing a Lush product, and instead I usually just feel a little deflated if something passes me by. However, I found my heart racing a little faster than I was anticipating when I realised just how many exclusive goodies Lush had cooked up for us for the event. 

Soya Bran Exfoliator was a product I almost missed that day, tucked away behind a regular product that would have been overlooked by the majority of people hunting around for the exclusives. While I wouldn't have been overly fussed if I had have missed a body scrub, armed with the knowledge of how amazing this particular one is after using it, I think I would have kicked myself if I had passed up the opportunity. 

Simply put: this is one of those products that makes an immediate impression on you. Not only is the ingredients list exquisite; the description mouth-watering; and the usability as good as you could hope for in a scrub, but everything about both the smell and the design are equally as impressive.

Made from a base of sugar and ground oatmeal, this exfoliator offers something both scratchy and oddly soothing. By itself, the sugar would have created quite a coarse scrub across the skin, which is not something that those with sensitive skin would have enjoyed using. However, the inclusion of the oatmeal not only 'blunts' the buffering power of the sugar a little, but it helps to soothe the skin as well, which is what we all need after scraping away at our bodies. 

As well as the above components, there is also a generous helping lemon peel powder. This infuses Soya Bran with a deliciously fruity aroma, which when mixed with the nuttiness of the oatmeal, creates a scent that reminds me of freshly made lemon cheesecake - albeit with a greater emphasis on the biscuity base more so than the citrus note itself. As if this wasn't enough already, the flower decoration on top also adds a naturally sweet and rather rich floral note, which shows itself each and every time it comes into contact with the hot water.

What I will say about Soya Exfoliator is that it lasts surprising long, for a scrub that it roughly 5cm in length. When I first received mine, I was expecting to see perhaps two or three uses out of it before it crumbled and disappeared down the drain. However, after using this a good twelve times already, I can honestly say that it must contain an element of magic to still be going so strong. 

While this body scrub sounds too good to be true, it should be noted that I would strongly recommend keeping this somewhere cool and dry in between showers, and even going as far as to pat it down after every use. I say this because after leaving one of mine to dry by itself on my bathroom shelf, I found that the scrub became soft after a couple of days, and it lost most of its scrubbing power after that. Then it became more of a mess to use across my body, and even an annoyance to clear it out of the drain afterwards.

Soya Exfoliator left my skin feeling super clean, soft and smelling of lemon cheesecake, and ultimately convinced me that I needed to get my hands on a few more whenever I was able to. I love the fact that this scrub comes across as so natural, in both smell and ingredients listed, as it's products like these that excite me the most. If this was made a regular item, I would definitely buy this on a monthly basis.    

Quantitative Ingredients: Sugar, Ground Oatmeal, Lemon Peel, 

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: £3.50 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2018.


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