7 October 2018

Royalty Bath Bomb

You cannot argue that Royalty Bath Bomb isn't absolutely gorgeous to look at. The golden crown design; the studs of pink in each corner; and the delicate brush of golden lustre across the surface only serves to make this a bath bomb of high statute. It's designs like this that make you wonder how Lush hasn't come up with something of this kind before. 

Making a fleeting appearance during the Lush Showcase last month, this limited edition bath bomb is destined to become an exclusive in the 'bath only' store opening up in Japan. To me, this just seems like a waste of a product that looks better than most of the bath bombs available in UK shops, and a royal tease for those who might have been able to smell it but may never try it. 

Containing jasmine and tonka, Royalty appears to share its scent with Million Dollar Moisturiser: a beautiful smelling bionic facial moisturiser that was discontinued a while ago. While I was never able to purchase the  aforementioned product myself because of it not being vegan, I was always a little jealous of how wonderful it smelled in the pot.

What I will say is that the bath bomb does smell considerably different from the moisturiser, but there are similarities as well. As you would expect, the bath bomb for starters is far more musky and powdery: there is something about this format that automatically gives a dusty element to the scent, and this can sometimes be a bonus or a detriment to the scent.

In this case, the jasmine offers a light, floral aroma, with a little sweetness that lingers around you like tiny butterflies. When compared to the thick, overpowering layer of jasmine that the Lust family offer, this pales in comparison. If you enjoy the gentler, far more lighter jasmine scents, you'll enjoy this. 

Alongside the jasmine is a beautiful, but again light, element of tonka. While creamy and sweet in the mix, this component again doesn't offer anything as strong as it usually does in other bath bombs and bubble bars. Instead, the two ingredients work to together to produce something gentle but very warming overall. 

In the bath, Royalty doesn't take very long to dissolve - fizzing away and sending golden yellow streams across the surface of the water. Within about thirty seconds, the bath bomb breaks in half and thin streams of pink colour the water for a mere moment. A minute or so later and the bath bomb is completely dissolved: the only remnants being a few yellow puddles of bubbles on the surface. 

What I was disappointed about was the fact that the scent wasn't particularly strong at all. In fact, I had already begun to question myself about whether or not the fragrance had already dimmed since bringing it back from the Showcase, and the experience in the tub only confirmed that this is an aroma that doesn't stay as strong after a week or two of storage. Furthermore, I found that I could smell very little in the bath tub, and there weren't any remnants of the smell on my skin either afterwards. 

What WAS nice was the golden yellow shade of the water, which I found served to make me feel even warmer, given how grim the weather was outside at the time. Whole some consumers dislike yellow water, for obvious reasons, I found it comforting: like summer in the tub.

While it did leave my skin feeling soft and smooth, I didn't think it was as moisturising as some of the other Japan exclusives, and I did have to apply a body lotion on afterwards - to ensure that my skin stayed silky smooth and well nourished for the rest of the day.

Although Royalty is gorgeous to look at and pertains a lovely fragrance that would definitely popular amongst consumers, I feel as if Lush need to tweak the bath bomb a little to offer a stronger aroma in the tub, and a product that leaves my skin feeling a little more moisturised than it did.   

Quantitative Ingredients: Jasmine, Tonka Absolute, 

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: £6.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2018. 


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