31 March 2014

Satsumo Santa Ballistic

It seems that Lush are very keen on having some sort of Santa-shaped ballistic as part of their seasonal range each year. For the last three consecutive years, we've been blessed with the rather lovely and aptly named, Father Christmas. However, before this bath bomb graced our presence, there was a popular ballistic known as Satsumo Santa

I originally found out about this product through a friend of mine, who had been rather peeved one year when her favourite bath bomb didn't grace the shelves for the seasonal period. When it didn't make an appearance last Christmas either, she had to reside in the fact that it wasn't coming back anytime soon.

Luckily, I managed to buy a nice handful of these through eBay, and knowing how popular it was with fellow Lush fans, I was very keen to try them out myself. When Lush re-released them in the Kitchen towards the end of 2015, I just knew I had to invest in a few fresh ones to see how lovely they were again. 

As the name suggests, Satsumo Santa looks part Santa, part Sumo wrestler, and gives off a sweet, citrus scent that reminds me somewhat of lemon sherbet. Using a mixture of mandarin oil, bergamot oil and orange blossom absolute, this ballistic is a light and refreshing addition to your bath tub, and will perk you up when you need that little extra bit of energy. As Lush state,when you're tired or worn out, 'these citrus and orange flower scents are uplifting and stress-relieving, and they’ll tone your skin too: just right.' Although it is definitely a citrus-scented product, there is a very wam undertone which is perfect for the winter season - it created a lovely atmoshphere of festive smells in my bathroom and was extremely relaxing.

Not only are these summery scents brilliant for those who want to escape the bitter weather and remind themselves of the warmth of summer, but they help to massage tight and dried up pores, and leave your skin silky soft and revitalised. The condition of your skin afterwards is probably down to the mandarin oil that the bath bomb contains - mandarin oil is a good antiseptic and it helps to purify and re-balance the skin. 

Unfortunately, when I placed my Satsumo Santa in the water, he immediately sunk to the bottom of the tub and didn't give me much of a show at all. However, he quickly filled my bath tub with a beautiful orangey-red colour, and the sweet, mandarin scent was clearly present throughout my entire experience - leaving a light orangey aroma on my skin afterwards.

While I wouldn't say that this bath bomb blew me away in terms of productivity, it's definitely very vivid in the tub, and those of us with a taste for the citrus will appreciate the aroma that it offers. The ballistic smells beautiful, has great effects on the skin and mood, and is goodvalue for money. A real gem of a bath bomb.
Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Propylene Glycol, Mandarin Oil, Bergamot Oil, Orange Flower Absolute, *Limonene, *Linalool, Colour 14700.

Vegan?: Yes

2015 Price: Not for individual sale.

Scent Family: 

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