18 March 2016

Christmas Party Ballistic

There are certain scents and ranges from Lush that get me rather excited, even before I've had a chance to test a product out; Christmas Party Ballistic was one such item. Sharing it's scent with the infamous Snowshowers shower gel and jelly, and the even older Champagne Supernova bath bomb, I already had high hopes for it long before I managed to bag myself a couple on eBay. 

Lush describe it as a 'cocktail of Cointreau and champagne, with just a hint of cognac essential oil'; an exquisite and incredibly uplifting blend of fresh citrus oils, giving it an uplifting yet playfully fizzy zesty scent fit for a queen. Whereas most other products in this fragrance range give off this beautiful scent, Christmas Party was disappointedly average.  
Firstly, I should probably point out that my bath ballistics were definitely not fresh as they could be, which will no doubt have effected it's scent and productivity in the water. However, I recently spoke with two friends of mine who were heavily into Lush around the time this bath bomb made itself known, and they both said that it wasn't the most impressive ballistic even back there.

Although my video shows a 'dud' bath bomb, the one I had a few weeks before this worked a lot better. Upon impact with the water, the ballistic immediately began to fizz, spewing a creamy vanilla coloured foam throughout the bath tub. As Christmas Party continued to dissolve, the plastic stars that were decorating the top of the bath bomb, as well as inside, began to seep out into the water and create a rather pretty scene. 

Unfortunately, within a very small space of time, the stars sunk to the bottom of the tub and laid there. Furthermore, within a few minutes of the bath bomb fully dissolving, the water was once again clear, and it didn't look like I had used a ballistic at all. 

Despite the stars being a very pretty addition to the product, they were annoyingly sharp and I found myself being poked and prodded on the bottom whilst trying to enjoy my 'relaxing' bath. Furthermore, the stars didn't really make me think of Christmas at all, and instead made me feel like I was experiencing something made for the summer holiday. 

As I mentioned above, the fragrance that Christmas Party holds is a lovely lime and fizzy orange scent, which although smelt fresh and fruity in the wrapper, quickly disappeared when being used. In fact, the smell had completely vaporised within the first five minutes of my bath. What was strange though, is that the smell reappeared many hours later, and then decided to permeate my bathroom for about two days. I never did figure out how this had occurred. I ended up topping the scent up with some Snowshowers Jelly, which made my whole experience that little bit more expensive. 

Overall, this is a bath bomb that had a lot of potential, and proved itself to be less than adequate. As with all of my old products, I would be open to trying a fresh one, just to see whether there is a huge difference in smell and performance. However, other people have said that this was one of Lush's weakest smelling ballistics, and with Golden Wonder  showcasing a perfect example of what Christmas Party could have been like, I see no reason to resurrect such an old bath ballistic.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Mixed confetti bright stars, Perfume, Gardenia extract, Orange oil, Cognac oil, Lime oil, Red stars, Iridescent glitter.

Vegan?: Yes.

Scent Family:
Bridal Bouquet Ballistic 
Bubbly Shower Gel
Buck's Fizz Body Conditioner
Buck's Fizz Naked Body Conditioner


  1. Lol, oh you poor thing having your first Christmas Party! The sharp stars were so infamous in this house that my husband took to calling them "shrapnel." Nice celebrate scent though. I think champagne supernova and golden wonder are far better celebrate-scent delivery systems...

  2. Ah yes. The stars also know as the infamous "knicker wasps". Named aptly due to when one gets stuck to your bum when you get out of the bath and then lodged in your panties, where it will make itself suddenly know by stinging you. Mostly in very inappropriate moments.

  3. Ah Christmas Party. I never found the scent to be bland and stockpiled them in 2008 (their last year) but I agree there's no need for a revival when Golden Wonder exists - the scent is the same & those dreaded stars (& associated pain) aren't there which is better for the environment! I did find it coloured my water orange so perhaps this is due to age it didn't change the colour of yours?

  4. Why did you delete so many of your posts?

  5. I loved this when I first bought it when I was 18/19 years old. :D