10 March 2016

Carrot Gift Set

Whenever Lush bring out a new seasonal range, I tend to purchase a number of 'must haves' online, and then pop down to Oxford Street to grab the entire collection on the same day. The reason being that while I want to get my greedy mitts on the products as soon as I possibly can, I'd rather have not cart a large bag of goodies home with me, unless it's absolutely necessary.

When I discovered that Spring Bunny was only going to be sold individually in the flagship store, I decided to purchase two of the gift sets online - both of which had the ballistic as part of their collection. This was to ensure that I would receive them fairly quickly, just in case Oxford Street didn't have them in stock. 

The Carrot was one such set, and as I'd already purchased a slightly different variation last year, I thought it was only fitting that I continue the trend. Made from a thin cardboard, with a tissue paper finish for grass, this limited release is shaped like a large carrot - the outer shell a combination of orange, purple and pink stripes that also happen to glow in the dark.

Containing four very different products - both regular and seasonal, this Easter special is designed for bath lovers. Featuring The Experimenter Bath Bomb, Bunch Of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bars, Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb and Spring Bunny Bath Bomb, this collection should see you through a good 6-8 bars - especially if you stretch out the bubble bars as far as they can go.  

Marked up at £19.95, I'd say that this was a little on the pricer side. Individually, I reached a total of just under £16 for all four of the items, which means that you are paying a hefty £4 for the outer shell. For that sort of price tag, I would expect a reusable box or tin, and given that the nature of this gift set and how difficult it would be to find a use for the elongated packaging afterwards, it does seem a bit overpriced for what is essentially a novelty. 

Having said that, it is a unique and rather interesting looking alternative to the usual chocolate-themed gifts that people give each other during Easter. Rather than paying for the novelty of having chocolate in the shape of an egg, you're just opting to invest in the privilege of having cosmetics encased in a giant, multicoloured vegetable. 

Overall, this is definitely worth it if you're unable to get to Oxford Street and pick up the Spring Bunny for yourself, and perhaps in hindsight, the price reflects this fact a little. However, it's not really a collection I would have invested in, had I known that the aforementioned bath bomb was going to be as easy as it was to acquire.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £19.95 each.        

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  1. I think the box is glow in the dark as well. Sorry if you said that already, I might have missed it