22 March 2016

Lush Cocktail: Gold Goddess

Anonymous' 'The Bath Of Legends' Cocktail



As someone who hoards mostly seasonal and limited edition releases, it's great that the majority of cocktails you suggest to me contain these sorts of items. However, as a regular consumer who can only purchase what is available in the shops, this can mean that trying out these cocktails are near-on impossible. 

When a number of Lush fans asked me to demonstrate a couple of regular, readily-available bathing experiences, I was more than happy to oblige, and I can assure you that I will be including far more of these in the future to satisfy every type of Lushie - new or established.

Gold Goddess is not only made up of regular products, but it's simplistic to boot - meaning that it's a great value cocktail and one that can be enjoyed time and time again. Featuring only two ingredients, both of which can be halved or quartered depending on how conservative you're feeling, this cocktail offers a wonderful experience - one suitable for any time of the year and for any and every mood.

Begin by crumbling a third of a Sunnyside Bubble Bar under the running tap. This is probably the most featured item when it comes to Lush cocktails, and for many reasons. Firstly, the wonder orange aroma is fresh and uplifting -  it's strong enough to remain with you throughout the whole bath, but also light enough to not be at all cloying on the senses.

Not only this but it turns the water into a stunning haven of golden water and thick, luscious swirls of lustre - the latter of which will not turn you into a glitter ball and will rinse away easily with the water. Furthermore, the bubble bar is incredibly softening so you'll feel your skin improving within minutes of climbing into the bath.

Once the water has finished running, add in the Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb. By itself, this can be a rather boring bath bomb, but with the Sunnyside it adds a sweet, zesty layer of lemon sherbet that compliments the orange perfectly. 

Together, these two just work. They create a stunning looking experience - one that will leave you feeling like royalty; they're both strong enough that neither thwarts the other - instead complimenting each other and producing a well-rounded experience; and they both soften the water so you'll leave the tub feeling like a completely new person.

Something so simplistic shouldn't be this good, but it really is. This 'easily to construct' cocktail has become a firm favourite of mine and I enjoy at least one of these a month. If you're looking for something to raise your spirits, moisturise your body and leave you well and truly satisfied, this is the cocktail for you!

Rating?: 9.2 out of 10. 

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. I have a new bath cocktail I hope you will like!
    Can I Have S'more Lush?:
    1 Butterball bathbomb
    1/2 Ma Bar bubblebar
    1 Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment
    This bath is a delicous experience that I hope you enjoy!
    Love, Ashten Asimos

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  2. If you haven't tried combing a Which Came First? bath bomb with a Green bubbleroon, you are missing out! One of my fave cocktails.

    1. Ohhhh. I'll totally try that! Thanks!

  3. (Amy again here!)

    I know it's discontinued but I think it's still widely available enough to count as an easy cocktail- Space Girl with the Comforter is GORGEOUS!

    Some other suggestions:

    Milky Bath + Avobath + You've Been Mangoed = a not quite Karma-ish bath, but enjoyable for those who are a fan of Karma!

    Creamy Candy + Twilight

    For people looking for something a little different from the usual Twilight bath: French Kiss + Ickle Baby Bot + Dreamtime bath oil OR Ceridwen's Cauldron

    Yuzu bubbleroon + Honeybee

    Granny takes a dip bubble bar + Fizzbanger + You've been Mangoed!

    That's all I can think of for now :D

  4. The Rich Widow = Titsy Totsy and half a Sunnyside! Smells like a sophisticated Rose Jam for people who love the scent but feel kind of bored after Lush saturating their stock with the scent. Milky white water with a gold lustre!

  5. I love your blog and I've bookmarked almost all of your cocktails! I just wanted to say that you accidentally wrote ”The Bath of Legends” as the header for this and I was a bit confused for a second!