4 March 2016

Lush Cocktail: Fairy Tale Story's 'Fairy Tale Story' Cocktail




While it's been a little while since I organised and executed this cocktail, I can still vividly remember its vibrancy, it's warmth, and how incredibly soft my skin felt afterwards. And although I was a little unsure whether the bubbleroon would work well with the other products, given its strong aroma, I was pleasantly surprised just how well they gelled.

Fairy Tale Story is the perfect name for such a cocktail - a beautiful collaboration of sweet, fruity and floral - one that leaves you feeling both comforted and refreshed. While the bubbleroon works on softening the water and turning it a vivid shade of red, the other ingredients add layers of fragrance that'll leave you smelling delicious. 

To being with I crumbled the Heart Throb Bubbleroon under the running tap. This exclusive Valentine's Day product first made an appearance earlier this year, and shares it scent with the wonderful African Paradise Body Conditioner. 

Made from an impressive combination of oils and butters, this bubbleroon not only smells delicious but is incredibly good for your skin. Firstly, Heart Throb has a generous helping of shea butter - a gentle and very effective moisturiser. This butter works really well with the skin's natural oils and is said to help the absorption of other active ingredients in a product.

This bubbleroon also sports a number of oils that not only help to nourish and improve the condition of your skin, but work together to give off the wonderfully unique and potent aroma that this product offers. The ylang ylang oil gives off a sweet but mildly floral aroma which compliments the geranium oil wonderfully: the frangipani absolute offers the most fragrant element of the bubbleroon - a strong, heady floral aroma that creates the spicy element that sets this apart from most other flowery scents that Lush offer. 

Up next was the Prince Charming Shower Gel - a component that surprisingly overrode the bubbleroon, despite having a weaker scent. This Valentine's product has a strange aroma - one that sits in the middle of being fruity and creamy. The smell reminds me a little of Rose Jam with a fruity helping of Happy Hippy and an underlying vanilla note.

This didn't really do much in the way of colour, but did add a few extra bubbles to the mix as well as another layer of fragrance that ended up being the main thread of fragrance in this cocktail.

Finally, I added in a Think Pink Bath Bomb - a small but very potent bath product that is somewhat undervalued in my opinion. To me, this ballistic epitomises everything that I love about Lush; it's a sweet, fruity cocktail of vanilla, lavender and tonka bean, combined together to form a full-on feminine blast in the bath.   

When dropping it into the bath, it immediately begins to fizz; turning the water a beautiful deep pink colour and releasing little hearts of confetti that decorate the bottom of the tub. These hearts are very slightly glittery, which makes the bath look beautiful without staining the sides with silver or gold lustre. These hearts then wash away when you pull the plug, making it a mess-free experience.

Overall, this bath cocktail was a great alternative  to the usual 'sweet' collaborations that are recommended from Lushies. Although the bubbles dispersed fairly quickly, the water remained a vivid red throughout, and the sweet and fruity aroma was potent enough to latch itself to my skin for an impressive duration after I had exited the bath.  

Rating: 8.9 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. It makes me so happy that you do a cocktail section! I always excitedly check your list whenever I get something new. And while there are the random cocktails one can google or find on pinterest, yours really does seem to be the most extensive/most updated. Thank you for doing these and sharing them with us!

  2. Hey Jen! I have a new idea for a cocktail in your completion.
    Spicy Strawberry-
    Half of a flutterby bubble bar
    1 Lord Of Misrule bath bomb
    1/4 of the Hottie massage bar
    Lashings of Yummy Mummy shower cream

    It's a fantastic bath experience that I really hope you like!

    -Abby Asimos (