21 March 2016

Bouncy Bunny Gift Set

Before now, the appeal of these types of gift sets have never really been that prevalent in my purchases. I much prefer the boxes and tins that I can reuse afterwards, as I find designs such as this one is more of a novelty, and doesn't really serve much of a purpose once the products have been used up. 

Having said this, as one of only two regular gift sets containing Spring Bunny Bath Bomb, I couldn't resist the idea of stocking up in case I didn't manage to grab any of these Oxford Street exclusive ballistics in the store itself. And in  fairness to this brand new release, I think the selection found inside is more than worth the price tag.

This gift set contains:

What is great about Bouncy Bunny is that it offers a lovely selection of seasonal and regular products - a set that showcases some of the more popular bath and shower items from this year's Easter range. Given that there is a both a jelly and a soap featured here, it's surprising to consider the fact that collectively this gift set could easily stretch out across a couple of months. While you'll need to  top up with a couple of bath bombs if you're a regular bather, the shower items have longevity, and this would be very appealing to someone looking for a set that's going to last.

Priced up at £18.95, the price tag might at first seem a little high. For the size of the collection and the small list of products inside, I can completely understand why some people might shy away from purchasing this to begin with. However, when you consider the fact that the four products inside add up to a little under £14, and the full-size knot wrap that decorates the outside would cost £4 by itself, I think it works out good value for money. 

Overall, this is a great little gift to offer someone who is not looking to over-indulge in chocolate during the festive season. For a cosmetics fan, this is the perfect pint-sized alternative - one that gives them an overview of some of Lush's new releases, while offering at least one epic night in the tub.  

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £18.95 each.

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  1. I have bouncy bunny shower jelly and love it, but then I am a big sucker for shower jelly. It's a great contrast to needles and pines my favourite as the fruity orange smell is so much sweeter, the sweetness is great for an evening as opposed to the n&p/whoosh that is a great morning wake up.