14 March 2016

Lush Cocktail: Flying Purple People Sleeper!

Sari's 'Flying Purple People Sleeper!' Cocktail




When I initially saw the ingredients list for this cocktail, I was rather taken back by just how much was needed to make this one possible. While I am all for indulgence, and those who regularly read my blogs will know that I invest a lot of money into my Lush obsession, even I was a little unsure that I wanted to use so much.

However, when I discovered that I had all of the ingredients in my collection, and that a couple of them needed to be used up, I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to experience a little decadence in my life. And boy was it worth the investment!

Made from a combination of rosewood and ylang ylang oil, with violet leaf and jasmine absolute to round out the scent, Ultra Violet is a very natural smelling floral aroma. Sharing it's scent with Lush's new Kerbside Violet Perfume, Ultraviolet gives off an earthy, almost smoky, grassy, violet and rose scent.

When it's crumbled under the running tap, it immediately begins to stimulate a mound of light, fluffy and slightly glistening bubbles. Not only this but it turns the water into a deep and very beautiful violet colour - something that fades slightly during the whole experience but doesn't become any less gorgeous.    

Violet Nights' best trait is its smell; a beautiful rich and creamy violet aroma - one that smells exactly like Parma Violets. Although I love the smell of Daddy-O and can definitely smell the popular candy in it's fragrance, this bath oil is far sweeter and more sugary smelling. The addition of vanilla absolute adds that rich, comforting note and the ylang ylang oil helps to combine the scents together, adding a very subtle floral scent that nestles into the overall fragrance. 

In fact, it was this product that had the biggest impact on both the overall scent of the cocktail and the texture of the water. My skin felt instantly soft when I climbed into the tub, and I think it was this particular product that gave the water such amazing moisturising properties.

What I love about Floating Flower is that while the bath ballistic is very strong - exactly what you'd expect from something emitting the Lust scent, once the bomb has dissolved in the water, the fragrance dispels somewhat and leaves a wonderfully thick, padded-out aroma that isn't as pungent on the senses as you would imagine. If you enjoy jasmine but dislike this range because it's too strong, this bath bomb might be something you'll appreciate. 

Unfortunately, I don't think this bath bomb works particularly well when it has been cut in half, and I found that it didn't really emit any of the magical colours or patterns that it would normally do when place in whole. Instead, it sort of fizzed and frothed for a few seconds and then sunk to the base of the tub. 

Having said that, it did make a strong impression on the overall scent of the bath, and alongside the Twilight Bath Bomb and Violet Nights, was one of the most dominant aromas. 

Made from a combination of lavender and ylang ylang oils,Twilight has a strong, heady scent that engulfs your senses the second you remove the ballistic from it's packaging. The fragrance is dominated by the lavender, although it's not the same watered-down scent that you would expect from a shop-bought cosmetic. This lavender scent is a creamy, powdery offering unlike anything else I have tried before. 

The bath bomb fizzed and frothed slowly - releasing a generous amount of pink and blue waves of colour - deepening the water to a gentle shade of purple and leaving waves of creamy foam swirling across the surface of the tub. Furthermore, it softened the water even further and gave the cocktail a really thick, rich aroma that would be perfect to indulge in after a particularly cold day.

Packed full of ginger oil, jasmine and oakmoss absolute, Something Wicked Bath Melt offers a comforting, sensual and slightly spicy experience. Once the bar was in action in the tub, a beautiful wave of fragrance came through that lasted for the entire bathing experience and made me feel very devilish indeed.

Overall, this is not a cocktail you'd have very often, unless you're happy paying roughly £15 for each and every bath you indulge in. Having said this, it was a really wonderful experience;uplifting and calming;sweet and floral, and the price has definitely not put my off wanting to try it again. However, I might leave it a good 8 months to a year before I do so!

Rating: 9.1 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. I hope they re-release the "Violet Nights" bath oil again soon! Ebay is killing my bank account... T.T

  2. Would half of a Northern Lights be a good substitute for the chunk of Floating Flower? I would LOVE to duplicate this at home!