24 March 2016

Bewitched Massage Bar

When I first began collecting Lush products, I remember browsing the website and looking at all of the different massage bars available at the time. Unfortunately, despite their amazing properties, most of them weren't very interesting to look at, and I remember thinking that a good handful of them looked almost identical, which begged the questions: exactly which one should I go for? Bewitched and Hottie were two such bars that looked a little less than appealing - like a bar of chocolate that had gone horribly wrong and come out in boils. Yuck!

However, once I had tried out my first few bars, I realised that what they looked like really didn't matter at all (isn't that a lesson I should have learned ten times over with Lush by now?), and that Lush nearly always create something a certain way for a specific reason.

Bewitched is a bar that stands out from most of the other massage bars that Lush have produced, past and present. When you think of massage bars, your mind conjures up images of a relaxing experience - one that will perhaps inspire the best sleep of your life, or at least entice you to head in that direction with its calming, herbal properties. Bewitched however, is very different in the fact that it has been designed to be uplifting and is actually supposed to help you stay awake. As a chronic insomniac, I suffer from some of the most mentally painful mornings imaginable, and this massage bar has proven itself to me time and time again.

Much like all of Lush's other massage bars, this one has a ton of wonderful ingredients to give your skin a feast; cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil are all present to help moisturise and remove dry, scaly skin; lime oil has been added to give the bar it's overall zesty scent whilst containing key properties to clean your skin. Lush have then chosen a mixture of chamomile, violet and jojoba to add a floral undertone to the scent that will linger on the body long after your massage, ensuring the persistence of memory.

To me, this massage bar smells mostly of lime, although there is a gentle floral element that lingers at the back. The smell is rather subtle in both bar form and on your skin, so you don't have to worry too much about it's scent overpowering your perfume. However, I recognise it as being from the chamomile - which adds a calming layer that grounds the fruity elements a little, and will also keep the skin calm while it is being applied.  

Much like Hottie Massage BarBewitched is made in the same way - carved to have a flattened base with lots of bobbles on top. It wasn't until I began using it that I realised this design was perfect to massage the oils into your skin, helping to loosen tense muscles and banish aches and pains. 

I tend to apply the flat side across my skin first, careful not to hold the bar too long because of how quickly it melts between your hands. Once I've finished, I will then either use my fingers and hands to massage the oils across my body, or use the bobbly side to stimulate areas that are tense or aching from. It’s made with plenty of coconut oil, which gives the product such a smooth and luxurious texture as it melts on the skin, and you wont find that you have to hold the bar for too long to coat your entire body. 

As I stated, the consistency of this massage bar is spot on; it's really easy to melt between your hands, and glides over the body wonderfully. What makes it even more special is the fact that this does not leave the skin feeling sticky or greasy. Instead, the oils immediately begin the absorb into the skin, and within twenty minutes of application, you'll be able to reapply clothing without getting them greasy.

What is also great, is that, despite how quickly is melts, this bar is one of the longer lasting ones. I got a good sixteen full-body uses out of it, whereas some bars I will only only get 4-5 because of how much 'product' is needed. Bare in mind though that I use these bars as alternatives to body lotions, so I'm not using them for a prolonged amount of time, as you would do a massage. You may find that, when used as a massage bar, it actually only has a couple of uses out of it.  

The only issue I found with this product is that the bobbly surface flattens after a couple of uses, so you wont be able to target those sore areas with the bar itself after that. Instead, you'll have to revert back to using your fingers to pinpoint and massage these areas. Having said this, I really liked Bewitched, and I would like to see it back in store so that I can purchase a few more.

Quantitative Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Lime Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Chamomile Blue Oil, Violet Leaf Absolute, *Citral, *Geraniol, *Limonene, Perfume.

Vegan?: Yes.

2017 Price: £6.50 each.  


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