18 March 2016


We all have a Lush story to tell, no matter how small it may be, and as each of our stories continue to climb those rigs on the ladder, so an influx of wide-eyed, fresh-faced individuals are being enticed into the shops for the first time -  beginning their journey into the magical world of what I consider to be, the greatest cosmetics company on earth.

Speaking as someone who has been involved in the online community for about five years now (a small feat when compared to some of the more established fans for sure), never has the Lush community been so prevalent. With the increasing popularity of Instagram and the vibrant blogging/vlogging presence that seems to be dominating the World Wide Web, I don't think there has been a better time to get involved with Lush than right now.

Whether you've only admired Lush from afar, and never even stepped foot inside a store; have been bought a gift set and are already thinking about placing your first order; offer regular funding for Lush's hampered piggy-bank; or buy up bath bombs like they're more important than Oxygen, the online community has a place for you, and it's very warming to see just how supportive and wonderful everyone is towards people of every caliber. 

My particular journey is a peculiar one, yet one that has manifested itself into so many amazing encounters and adventures over the years. I can hardly believe some of the opportunities and responses that have arisen from, what I still see as, me taking a labyrinth of words and arranging them correctly on a page.

While I'd love to claim that I was predisposed to Lush when I was still in nappies, and that I spent my baby years bathing in multi-coloured waters and patting myself dry with dusting powders, the truth is that I didn't fully immerse myself in the brand until I started writing this blog on the 1st January 2013.

Back then I was a mere rookie - someone who couldn't tell the difference between a bubble bar and a bath bomb; who probably shied away from solid hair care because it was 'weird'; someone who would have most likely turned her nose up at the Twilight Bath Bomb because 'it was lavender scented and lavender is icky.........' A fool, if you want the correct terminology.

However, it didn't take long for me to convert my initial resistance into intrigue, and then onto full-blown obsession, and I remember clearly the pinnacle moment when I placed my first Lush order online. There was so much to choose from, and the collector inside of me was screaming out at all of the products I had to sift through and ignore until the next pay day. 

Once I'd satisfied my first itch however, it wasn't long before the next one transpired, and the one after that followed suit. My collection amassed so quickly from what started out as such a small investment, and it wasn't long before I was one bath bomb away from needing medical attention. 

As I began to use Lush products regularly and blog about them on my social media, I became increasingly frustrated that there wasn't one particular website I could visit and gain an in-depth understanding of the products I was using. While there were (and still are) some incredible blogs out there (most notably the Lush Wiki page run by the wonderful April), the perfectionist inside of me wanted a platform that could offer photos, videos, detailed descriptions of smells, scent families, prices and so much more. 

As that wide-eyed, rosy-cheeked 'newbie', I felt that nihility, and was compelled to be the one to bridge that gap - to offer a sanctuary for those already enjoying the ride, and to be the cornerstone for those starting out, unsteady on their feet.

Over the years, both my experiences and my encounters have allowed me appreciate Lush as more than just a cosmetics company. The last year alone has brought me insight into so many amazing and very relevant causes that I have been able to get involved in. Through the many online platforms, I have also met many amazing people - some of which I now consider to be great friends of mine. 

An unexpected bonus has also been the fact that I have developed confidence in both my writing ability as well as my actual personality; the gothic, thirteen-year old Jen would never have understood the need to leave the house, let alone build friendships with people, and she certainly wouldn't have had the tenacity to pursue it, even if she wanted to.

It's hard to fathom that at some point, a little over a year ago, I signed myself up to a little-known website called Instagram - merely intent on browsing the recent pictures and learning about new up-and-coming products before they hit the shops. Now the tables have turned, and I seem to be one of the biggest sources for Lush information on there - a part of my journey I find difficult to process.

Last month I found myself in receipt of my first press box, and that really hit home just how much people value what I do. While the gratitude is written daily in comments, DMs and emails, it was the delivery of that package that helped me to recognise that people actually listen to what I have to say, and in some small way, my words are no longer just an open dialogue to myself, they have now become a vessel of knowledge that people can trust will be as honest as it will be passionate.

What's important is that I started out as a fan, and I am still a fan first and foremost. While some bloggers are affiliated with and sponsored by the companies they blog about, my readers know that, while there might come a day where I find myself working for Lush (who knows, right?), I will always continue to write from the standpoint of the consumer and the fan, because ultimately, that is what I'll always be...Unless they gift me with Mumkin Shower Gel and then I'll say whatever they want me to say...  

Just last night I was gifted with a present of a lifetime - a gesture that so many thousands of people across the globe would give their right arm for, and most likely their left arm as well...but definitely not their Twilight Shower Gel. I have been given the opportunity to see and experience where the magic all began - from where the products are crafted and made, to the shelves that cradled the first ever inventions some twenty years ago.

While I cannot organise buses, trains and plains to bring you all with me, I will try my best to document some of it for your enjoyment. Because while I know how much time and effort I've invested in this blog, it is ultimately you, the reader, that has validated my work and supported me in achieving all of the above. Without any of you, none of this would have been possible. So thank you. x


  1. Thats was a great post. I have always admaired you and the way you can keep and not use all your lush stuff. Well my lush story stared a couple of christmas ago. My mum had got me a butter bear and some other stuff. Thats when I fell in love but only for a while. Then in 2015 I fell back in love at 11 years old and now I am obsessed with it. I have loads and for my 12th birthday I had a lush party and I nearly got 100 pounds worth of lush. My family dont sport me in getting lush. But I always still get it anyway. I hope you enjoyed reading it and please cheak out my instagram- xz_lush_life_zx or my youtube- sprinkleofhappiness 71/lush life Thanks xxx

    1. Sorry about my grammer and spelling mistakes I have just relaised them x

  2. Aww that's lovely Jen ! I'm so happy your visiting pool, you totally deserve it, if you need someone to keep you company, hold your bags? supply you with food and drink ? Cakes ? be your slave for the day ? I'll happily come with you ? :D ILL DO ANYTHING !!! Take me with you Jennnn !!!! :L hahaaaa but seriously you deserve it, and I'm so happy Lush are doing that for you as you really are so much help to many Lushie's. When I started getting fully addicted to lush it was your blog I always used for info xxx so thank you xx

  3. Beautiful and very funny post :) I was lucky enough to stumble upon Lush when your blog already existed, so I always could come here and look up things, and find out that there was so much more to buy (it's actually quite expensive reading your blog *lol*)

    I'm very thankful for this beautiful ressource, and your great and funny and extensive descriptions of all the items. One can really feel your love for Lush!

    Thank you <3

  4. This was a good read and a really good idea to get people to share their stories. I first experienced Lush when I was given a Lush gift set for my birthday (probably around the time they first opened). I was kind of put off because I didn't really like how the soap made my skin feel, and having read your post I can now see why I didn't like it back then. I got back into it properly around a year ago and haven't looked back. Scents that I have become obsessed with since then are Honey I Washed the Kids, So White and Lord of Misrule. Sadly I missed out on the perfumes for Honey I washed the Kids and Lord of Misrule, but I'll be keeping my eye out for their return. :) I love your blog and have recently been trying to do some of the DIY projects you've put up. My next attempt is to turn fun into shower gel. I got the Monsters and Aliens fun because I want to try and recreate Lord of Misrule shower gel, because I missed out on getting it last year (I didn't realise I loved the scent back then). So looking forward to seeing more posts from you, they're always fun to read! :)

  5. Tell us more! Is the box pictured the parcel mentioned on the postcard? So exciting! Been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now; nice work. especially enjoy reading your reviews of older stuff and kitchen products as I have been a lushie since 2000, it's fun to see old favorites and hear your descriptions.

  6. Loved reading your story Jen! I'm from Australia and ever since becoming a Lushie a year ago, your blog, YouTube and Instagram have been a big help in me picking out new products to try, especially when I order from the Kitchen! My family and friends think I'm crazy with the amount of money I spend on "bath products" but I don't listen :-) My Lush experience has lead me to recommending products to friends, here in Australia as well as England and Canada, and converting them into fellow Lushies. I love passing on the happiness that Lush brings. SO thanks again for your amazing blog and I look forward to you convincing me to spend more of my hard earned money :-)

  7. Very Nice to read youre story , my first experience with lush was in 2010 after my grandmother died and i had a Very bad depression , my first product was dreamcream because i wanted to use something else for my psoriasis and i found it online, the next product was handy gurugu and snowfairy which i really liked in that time and now i have it haha :) dreamcream helped me alot for my skin , ive never looked at the bathbombs and bubblebars because i did not have a bath at that time , ive bought ponche sg and glogg sg and fell in love with the scents , my addiction was growing and ive become a big fam of Lush when i got a bathtub and began using the bathbombs and bubblebars, lush in general helps me alot with my anciety and depression , my favorites are twilight sg, ponche sg, sunflower bubblebar , yummy mummy and so much more ! :) i love Touré blog it has helped me alot to find the information , im not that good in english because i am from the Netherlands :)

  8. Love you Jen, thank you for sharing your story ❤️😘

  9. That's so awesome! Congratulations! If anyone deserves such recognition for work in promoting a good company, it would definitely be you! Seriously, I've bought so much based on your much.

    So. Much.



  10. Soooooo proud of you Jen!!!! U deserve it! I also have a Bath Cocktail u might want to try out!
    First Days of Spring:
    1 "Guardian of the Forest" bathbomb
    1\2 "Honey Bee" bathbomb
    1\4 "Brightside" bubblebar
    1\2 "Rose Jam Bubbleroon"
    Lashings of "Grass" shower gel! *Hope you enjoy! email me at
    Love, Ashten Asimos

  11. what a great post! as a new-ish person to Lush (last January was my first purchase), your blog has been irreplaceable in my journey into madness.