16 March 2016

Smuggler's Soul Body Lotion

Let's be honest - the world went into a flurry of excitement when Lush first released the Smuggler's Soul perfume back in June 2014. Or perhaps I was the only one completely and utterly intoxicated by the unique and very alluring addition to their Gorilla Perfume range. Either way, the fragrance was part of Lush's third official collection of perfumes, and was one of those captivating scents that you cannot imagine life without once you have it in your grasp.

When I heard a whisper that Lush were bringing out a range of products in this scent, I couldn't imagine a better choice from Volume 3, and I was also unable to fathom how these items could or would be anything less than amazing. In  simple terms, Smuggler's Soul Body Lotion is as wonderful as it sounds on paper, and I highly recommend it right off the bat.

For those who have yet to experience this scent, I would say that this fragrance is definitely a very strong and defining smell - one that resonates on the skin and leaves an impression that stays with you all day. The body lotion is no exception in this way, although it definitely has a far subtler approach about its being.
Made from a combination of lemongrass and sandalwood, the aroma has a strong but dry citrus aroma, with a thread of smoky, woody sandalwood intertwined around this. It's a scent that may seem rather masculine to some at first, but one that is robust and diverse enough to suit any wearer. In the bottle, it makes its impression on the senses very quickly, and I can see why fans of sweeter, gentler perfumes may find this a little off-putting.

What works in its favour for me then, although I can see why some users may see this as a negative trait, is that the body lotion is a lot less 'in your face' from the start. In fact, when I first opened the tub and gave the product a sniff, I was taken back by how absent the fragrance was. You really don't pick up much more than the basic smell of the lotion - how you'd imagine it would smell if they made the product but just forgot to add the perfume. However, there is a slight hint of both the key ingredients if you strain your nose enough.

Surprisingly, it is when you begin applying the lotion to your skin, and the product is able to react to the heat of your body, that the Smuggler's Soul elements begin to come through. It is then that you can appreciate the straight forward and slightly sweet lemongrass note; the dry but tenacious woody element of the sandalwood. And unlike the perfume, you also get to enjoy the creamy element of the Madagascan vanilla and the aromatic sentiments of the vetivert. 

What is great about this lotion is that it feels really light and fairly thin, much like Karma Kream does. And when you massage it across your body, it dissolves into the skin in a matter of seconds - you're not left with any sticky residue and you could put clothes on thirty seconds later without smearing the product in the slightest. 

Normally for me, this symbolises that the lotion is great at surface level but not so impressive if you're looking for a deep moisturise. However, I was impressed to discover that within a matter of minutes, my skin felt smooth and soft and there was a noticeable improvement almost immediately in the condition. I actually couldn't believe how quick this body lotion had managed to penetrate and nourish my skin, and to such a noticeable level! 
To give you an example of just how effective Smuggler's Soul Body Lotion is, I will state that I decided to use it on my hands one day as a hand cream. During the colder months, I often suffer from dry areas in-between my fingers, and need to moisturise daily to clear the problem. Upon realising that I had left my hand cream at home, I used a little of this lotion instead, and couldn't believe how much of a miracle worker it turned out to be. The dry, scaly areas completely disappeared, my hands looked softer and far softer, the scent remained for a few hours so I could enjoy the fragrance wherever I went, and the condition of my hands remained as impressive throughout the day.

While the tub seems like an expensive investment at roughly £15 for a 100g tub, I cannot recommend it enough. You don't need to use large handfuls of the stuff for it to work its magic, and I now carry one of these around with me everywhere. I will definitely be stocking up on these when they come over to the UK, and if you're a fan of the scent, I can guarantee that you'll fall in love with this very quickly. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Infusion of Lemon Balm, Water, Almond Oil, Stearic Acid, Argan Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Glycerine, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Camellia, Fresh Cucumber, Fresh Watercress, Rosewood Oil, Sandalwood Oil,   Vetivert Oil, Tagetes Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Triethanolamine, Cetearyl Alcohol, * Benzyl Benzoate, * Citral, * Coumarin, * Geraniol, * Limonene, * Linalool, Alpha - Isomethyl Ionone, Perfume, Propylparaben, Methylparaben.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: ?

Year Of Original Release: 2016.

Scent Family:
Smuggler's Soul Body Lotion
Smuggler's Soul Body Spray
Smuggler's Soul Facial Scrub
Smuggler's Soul Liquid Perfume
Smuggler's Soul Solid Perfume
Smugglers Soul Solid Shampoo Bar
Veerappen Moustache Wax


  1. Where is this one being sold? I didn't see it in the kitchen, not aware of any of the websites advertising Father's Day products...

    1. It's only available from Lush Spain as of now.

  2. This cream is a face and body cream! :D