16 October 2017

Ro's Argan Naked Body Conditioner

Would you believe that I have never bought myself a tub of Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner? Whenever I’ve found myself with a small pot to indulge in, it’s always been from a gift set of given to me by someone else. Unbelievable really, when you consider the fact that it’s one of my favourite products in Lush’s regular range.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the naked version - not only because it has only ever been released in the Lush Kitchen, and was a one-off exclusive that hasn’t appeared in shops yet, but also because it is very different from the original, in so many ways, and I am not a particularly big advocate of the changes made.

Supposedly sharing its scent with the Rose Jam family, this limited edition Naked Body Conditioner sports a shade of pretty pink and has been decorated with a single dried rose leaf across the top. Strangely, I found that the colour of this dwindled quite dramatically when I began using it, and within 2-3 uses the block was almost white colour. While I don't oppose to using simple-coloured products, I was perplexed as to why this happened, given that it hasn't done so for any of the other conditioners I have used to date. 

For those who are new to Lush and haven't yet appreciated the Rose Jam aroma, the scent family is made up of rose, argan, lemon and geranium oils. This gives the products with this fragrance a wonderful sweet, floral, 'jammy' rose aroma. The inclusion of the argan oil usually gives the products a richness that surpasses a 'typical' rose smell, while the lemon and rose oils create a naturally sweet and almost edible-smelling floral smell. In some products, such as the original body conditioner, the geranium also offers a warm, rich, cloudy layer of floral as well, almost this is not always as prominent in other formats. 

The reason I have described Rose Jam in such a way is because Ro's Argan Naked Body Conditioner contained next to none of these wonderful components. Upon first sniff, I was surprised and equally a little frustrated that the main note I could detect was the cocoa butter. Instead of the sweet, salivating-inducing rose smell I was expecting, I was instead greeted with an almost chocolately rose smell. 

Don't get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with a combination of rose and chocolate. However, I felt as if the cocoa butter took away from the richness of the rose aroma, and the floral elements were also dampened because of it, meaning that the wonderful Rose Jam scent that I was looking forward to was very distorted and different. 

As with all of the naked products, you can choose to use them as a whole, which I have tended to do, or cut them into chunks and use a small piece each time. As with both Bucks Fizz and Snow Fairy Body Conditioners, I simply wet them slightly so that the oils and butters were stimulated by the heat, and then massaged Ro's Argan across the skin. 

Much like the aforementioned naked conditioners, this one melted with ease and coated my skin with a generous layer of product to soften and smooth my skin with. In fact, I would recommend that perhaps you glide this block only partly over the skin and then massage the rest in with your hands. I only say this because this body conditioner tended to shrink far quicker than the other variations and I think it had something to do with the fact that I didn't heed my own advice. 

What is disappointing is that this body conditioner worked so well on my body, the scent really prevented this from being perhaps my favourite naked body conditioner of the lot. My skin felt super-soft and deeply nourished almost immediately, after applying this, and when I used it in replacement of a shaving cream, I experienced a really close shave and moisturised skin to boot. Aside from the scent, I was disappointed to find that the fragrance of this was soon lost after application, and I certainly couldn't smell it when I exited the bath/shower. 

Ultimately, Ro's Argan Naked Body Conditioner could have been my favourite rendition of the naked range, if only the fragrance had been perfected a little better. While my skin looked and felt really nourished afterwards, I can imagine my main grudge is the reason that this hasn't yet made it in stores. Hopefully with a few changes in the factory, this potentially-perfect product will make its way into the regular range. 

Quantitative Ingredients:

Vegan?: Yes. 

2017 Price: £8.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2017. 

Scent Family: 
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  1. The scent you described is the reformulation, they reformulated the liquid version and it's completely different :( Way more cocoa than rose, really disappointing. Can't believe they went and changed the scent.