2 June 2019

Crash Shower Jelly

I had to indulge myself in a little giggle when hearing about this product for the first time, as it made me realise just how old I seem to be getting. When discovering that this shower jelly was called Crash and had been designed as part of Lush's 'party products', most young, active adults would probably associate the name with that of breaking into a party to have some unadulterated fun. However, when I heard the name for the first time, I imagined most likely what I'd be doing on the sofa by about 7pm before the party had even started. Where has my youth gone?

One of four limited edition 'party products', Crash Shower Jelly is a Liverpool exclusive held only for consumers who want to book a party experience within the store. Alongside Calm A Llama Bath Bomb, Cilla The Caterpillar Bath Bomb and Party Balloon Reusable Bubble Bar, this exclusive offers a classic scent for fans to indulge in during their birthday celebrations, although Lush was kind enough to unleash a limited number online for consumers to get their hands on.

Sharing its scent with the rather extensive Snow Showers and Celebrate range, this shower jelly will appeal to those fans old and new. Featuring sweet orange, lime and cognac oils, this fluorescent yellow product offers an equally vibrant fragrance that is perfect for the summer months ahead of us.

Originally described as replicating the sweet, fizziness of champagne, the smell of Crash Shower Jelly is a super fruity, bright and very beautiful grape-like aroma. All three components are sweet and zesty, yet equally as light and refreshing as well. If you were a fan of Bubbly Shower Gel or Buck's Fizz Body Conditioner, this jelly is very much like these, albeit a little more spritzy and a little more led by the lime as opposed to the orange. 

While far from being a complex scent, there is something so satisfying and incredibly beautiful about this aroma, and would definitely be the perfect 'wake up call' after a heavy night partying. It might even be acceptable to use this after a heavy night's sleep on the sofa as well, but I wouldn't know anything about this of course...

There are several ways that you can use any of Lush's shower jellies and I find that everyone has their own preference, which is completely understandable. Firstly, you can break a small piece of (or select a piece that's been segmented prior to your shower) and rub the block directly onto your skin. The amount of lather this creates differentiates vastly depending on the type of jelly, how old the product is and the size of the piece you're using. While some users find this way works for them, I find that this is fairly ineffective as it does not create much of a lather and the jelly becomes too wet, making it slippery and difficult to hold on to. 

Secondly, you can use a shower sponge, puff or exfoliating glove to create a lather before rubbing it all over your body. For me, I found this method far more successful as it helped to break down the jelly properly and create a nice foamy effect to wash your body with. Finally, you can break off slabs of the jelly and use them as you would a bubble bar, placing them underneath a running tap to stimulate bubbles. I tend to use mine for this as well at times, as I can get 4-5 amazing baths out of one 100g tub, which I consider to be great value for money.

In terms of Crash, I was pleased to find that the hot water did nothing but stimulate all of the juiciness of the fragrance and make for an uplifting and very refreshing experience. This is the perfect jelly to use in the mornings as this product will certainly bat away the cobwebs and awaken your senses.

Alongside this, I found that the shower jelly was super moisturising, and I could feel the skin-softening effects immediately after I lathered it over my skin. While remnants of this didn't linger long on my skin after I had towelled myself down, I was really impressed by how much the shower jelly impacted on the room for hours after use. My 100g tub has barely left the bathroom since I began using it last month and I think this is a large improvement on the plain-looking Snow Showers that originally came out back in the day.

Quantitative Ingredients: Glycerine, Water (Aqua), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, Carrageenan Extract, Luminescent Zinc Sulfide, Sweet Orange Oil, Lime Oil, Cognac Oil, Fresh Orange Juice, Titanium Dioxide, Lauryl Betaine, Citronellol, *Limonene, *Linalool, Perfume, Colour 59040.

Vegan?: Yes.

2019 Price: £5 for 100g.

Year Of Original Release: 2019.

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