25 February 2014

Eye's Right Mascara

As silly as it sounds, I never even considered Lush to be a company I could buy my make-up from, despite using them for every other cosmetic need on the planet. A part of me always thought of them as being rather expensive; I would sometimes browse their Emotional Brilliance range but not even consider investing in anything to try out. That was until I went to buy my usual eyeliner at my local SuperDrug store, and realised that the price was actually not that far off Lush's fresh, more natural variation. So for Christmas last year, I asked my mum to buy me their Eye's Right Mascara

Packed full of wheatgrass, Eye's Right claims to help condition and nourish your lashes, using natural ingredients with plenty of vitamins and minerals, to strengthen and lengthen them. This mascara also boasts key elements to ensure that this product does not irritate or worsen sensitive eyes.  

When my mascara first arrived, I was a little bit taken back by the size of the container. Housed in an apothecary-style bottle, my first impression was that you don't really get a lot for your money. However, after investigating further, I realised that there was the same amount in this bottle, as there is in any other average-sized mascara tubes available commercially. 

One key difference between Eye's Right and any other mascara, is that Lush offer a much more practical packaging solution for their customers. The short brush means that the mascara doesn't get 'lost' or wasted in the bottle and it's a lot easier to monitor how much you have left, without running out beforehand. Additionally, it also means that you have much more control when applying it; this helps you to style your lashes much more effectively. 
Another difference is that Eye's Right contains both Japan and Caranuaba wax, two ingredients that prevent smudging and flaking once the mascara has been applied. With previous mascaras, I always expected to have to wipe away liquid that had rubbed off, onto my face, because I had blinked at some point during application. With this one, I found that this didn't happen at all. 

The main ingredient in Eye's Right is fresh wheatgrass, a natural, gentle plant extraction that helps to make this mascara really sensitive on your eyes. Boasting the inclusion of only one preservative (most mascaras can have up to six), this mascara is suitable for anyone looking for a simple, caring alternative to commercial products. 

What I found is that this product didn't feel heavy on my lashes. Neither did it dry, harden or clump; something I have found every other mascara to do. In fact, a few months prior to receiving this product, I was finding many of my lashes were falling out, most probably due to the heavy and unnatural elements in the products I was using. Ever since I switched to Eye's Right, not a single lash has fallen out.  

I cannot believe that I have taken so long to invest in Eye's Right. It's easily the best mascara I have ever used, and I love the fact that I know it's completely cruelty free. It gives me great coverage throughout the entire day and is easy to remove in the evenings, before bed. It sits wonderfully inside my handbag and works a treat if I ever need to top up throughout the day. I'm hooked!

Quantitative Ingredients: Fresh Wheatgrass Infusion, Water, Japan Wax, Stearic Acid, Talc, Triethanolamine, Carnauba Wax, PVP, CI77499, Methylparaben.

Vegan?: Yes


  1. Your review makes me want to go buy one of these right now!

  2. Hi Jen, is this mascara waterproof?

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