19 February 2014

Mother's Day 2014 Range

Try as I might to reduce my stash, these pesky holidays keep popping up left,right and centre. It especially doesn't help my bank balance when most of these celebratory days seem to be huddled together over the space of three months. With Valentine's Day a mere 7 days ago, I'm already getting a whiff of both the Mother's Day selection, and indeed the Easter range.

Secret Garden
First up is the Mother's Day range, which looks slightly more promising and packed-out than last year's selection. However, looks can be deceiving, and I was a little irked to discover that all of these products possess unoriginal scents - some of which can already be found in current products.

First up is Secret Garden, a ballistic that featured in last year's range as well, but one that I would be interested in trying again. This pretty little bath bomb possesses a combination of rose, Sweet wild orange and Rosewood oil, which creates a rather unique sweet earthy and floral scent. I'm glad it's making a reappearance. 

Mum Tulip
Secondly, is another familiar face, the Mumkin Bubble Bar. This has a lovely scent of fresh raspberries mixed with a slight floral undertone, making it a wonderful sweet addition to your bath tub. Although not one I'm excited about seeing again, I'm sure this will be a firm favourite for a lot of Mothers around the country. 

Madame Butterfly
Next up is the Madame Butterfly, Mum Tulip and The Mum bubble bar wands. I purchased all three of these last year and have not gotten round to trying them yet. Madame Butterfly  contains the same scent as one of my favourites, the Rose Jam Bubbleroon. Mum Tulip has the same scent as the Sex Bomb Ballistic, and The Mum, the only one of the three that wasn't vegan last year, and I suspect won't be this year, smells like Honey I Washed The Kids Soap. In all fairness, I'm a little disappointed that the latter bubble bar wand isn't suitable for vegans as I do love the HIWTK scent. 

One of the new products to see the light of day, is the Rose Bubble bar, a beautiful pearly pink and white bubble bar that shares it's scent with the Amandopondo Bubble Bar. I've yet to try this bubble bar, so I'm interested to test Rose out. Although not an original scent, I do like the fact that it looks more presentable in 'rose' form.
I'm probably the most excited about the Wonder Woohoo Bubble Bar. This is a brand new product that possesses the same scent as the much loved, The Sun perfume. I happen to love this scent so I'm really excited to try this one out. Although, after my experience with a Karma Balt Melt last weekend, I'm a little worried that this bubble bar may be too glittery for my liking. 

Finally, Inhale Exhale is a fresh, new ballistic that's showing it's face for the first time as part of the Mother's Day range this year. I find this an odd addition, as it shares it's scent with the Breath of God fragrance, which I consider to be a rather masculine smell. 

Nevertheless, I think this is the number one contender for being the most unique product here and I'm definitely intrigued to check this one out.  

Inhale Exhale
Overall, it's definitely a better selection than last years, but I'm a little disappointed that most of the products here are bubble bars. I would liked to have seen a soap, massage bar or shower gel here just to shake things up a bit. 

All of these products will be available to buy from the 22nd of February, from both and your local store. Check back here very soon for reviews on all of these items, and I'd love to hear about your views on any or all of the above.