26 February 2014

My Easter/Mother's Day 2014 Order!

Surprisingly, this is the smallest seasonal order I have ever placed at Lush. I normally always buy a good 4+ of every item available. However, my New Year's Resolution was to halve my current Lush stash, so this means not over-spending. It's difficult but I know it needs to be done!

Overall, all of these items look lovely and smell just as amazing. The only let down was the size of the Rose Bubble Bar; I was expecting a Happy? or Karma sized bar. Instead, it's probably about the size/weight of a quarter of the Comforter Bar, which makes it extremely expensive at £2.95 a pop!

I cannot wait to try out all of these beauties, and if you visit my blog every day for the next week, I'll be reviewing a new product each day. 


  1. How does Carrot soap and Secret Garden smell? Secret Garden is on its way here but I was hesitant about the soap without smelling it first. :/

    1. The soap smells like tropical juice with a sort of sherbety tang. It's gorgeous! Unfortunately for me, it completely strips my skin of moisturise - my hands felt so raw after I'd used it. As for the Secret Garden, it has a lovely floral scent - to me, it smells like dried flowers; that musky, pot pourri sort of smell. Hope this helps and thank you for visiting my site :)