20 February 2014

Easter Range 2014

After Christmas, the Easter range is probably my second favourite season at Lush; the fragrances are usually brighter, sweeter scents and there's always a better range of different products to choose from. This year isn't any different. 
Immaculate Eggception

Like the Mother's Day range, there's some firm favourites making a reappearance, as well as some new faces. 

The biggest, and most expensive bath product on offer this year, is The Immaculate Eggception ballistic (£6.95), which comes in both a pink and yellow design. This bath bomb was first introduced last year and when you break open this egg, you’ll discover a mini bunny or chick bath bomb hidden in the centre. The Immaculate Eggception is fragranced with a beautiful blend of grapefruit, and lemon oils, and Fair Trade vanilla absolute. I picked up one of each to try last year but didn't get round to using them until recently, where I found they had lost there 'fizz' somewhat. 
Next up, is the popular Fluffy Egg, which is perfect for anyone who loves the 'Snow Fairy' scent. For £2.95, it's one of the cheaper ballistics available, and definitely worth a purchase. I'll be stocking up on this one!

Thirdly, and perhaps the one I'm most excited about, is The Brightside bubble bar, inspired by the cheerful Monty Python song. Containing an uplifting trio of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oils, this bubble bar is a luxurious sherbert-scented beauty. This bar made it's debut for last year's Easter range and made such an impression, that it's been brought back again. The bubble bar is huge, and possibly the best value out of the entire range; it could easily supply you with four tubs full of soft, citrusy bubbles. 

One of the new products this year is the Golden Egg bath bomb melt, a unique and exciting ballistic inspired by Cadbury's chocolate cream eggs. This bath bomb is coated in a bath melt, soft on the outside, with a hard inner core; making it the first of it's kind. It possesses a delicious honey-toffee fragrance which I'm so excited to test out. Like the Wonder Woohoo bubble bar featured in the Mother's Day range, I'm just a little worried about the addition of glitter here. However, I'll wait to try it before I judge. 
Next is the Carrot hand and body soap, a vegan soap that is shaped like a carrot and smells of tropical juice. Made with moisturising carrot seed oil and skin-softening Fair Trade cocoa butter, this luxurious blend of ingredients will supposedly soften your skin and leave it smelling like buchu and lemon. 

Bunny Bubble Bar
Carrot Bubble Bar
Another new product is the Bunny Bubble Bar, a Creamy Candy scented bubble bar inspired by the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, and rich in different oils and butters to leave your skin soft and conditioned moisturised. Furthermore, hidden in the centre are blue cornflower petals that make an appearance once the bubble bar has dissolved. The bubble bar isn't the most attractive one I've seen Lush bring out, but I'm more intrigued to see how it works in the water.

Finally, Lush have re-worked last year's Carrot Bubble Bar and created the Bunch of Carrots reusable bubble bars: a collection of bubble bars that create a tropical bathing experience. tropically scented water. Made up of buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils to create a blackcurranty and refreshing fragrance.

These limited edition products will be available online from Friday February 21st and in stores on the Saturday. 


  1. You are my hero for this!! I have been searching everywhere/everyday for their Easter goodies. THANK YOU!

    1. So glad I could help! I just hope that I haven't caused you to spend a large amount of money :)

  2. Soo cute goodies for Easter. I was looking for some unique Easter gifts and found you..
    Thanks for sharing lovely Easter goodies.

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  4. Thanks for posting this! I enjoyed reading about your opinions on the products as well :)

  5. Thanks for posting this! I enjoyed reading about your opinions on the products as well :)

  6. When does the easter collection stop?

    1. It'll be fazing out of the shops right now, and may already be gone in smaller stores :)