12 February 2014

Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar

Snow Fairy Sparkle is a new product, first brought out as part of Lush's Christmas 2013 range. Shaped like a fairy, this exquisite pink massage bar immediately draws you in with it's strong, candy-scented fragrance. Available as a seasonal product only, I can imagine these products flew off of the shelves; catering for a young audience who no doubt loved the magic behind it's look and scent. 

Despite currently owning a good 30+ massage bars, it has only been in the last couple of months that I've began using them as a regular product. I always thought massage bars were too fiddly, too oily and too expensive, which is why I stuck to body lotions. However, since using Strawberry Feels Forever and Merry Xmas, I've discovered that massage bars are great for using after a bath, to give an extensive and intense deep moisturising session. They may work out a tad bit more expensive, but they're a luxury I'm willing to pay for. 

Marketed as a massage bar, Snow Fairy Sparkle is somewhat smaller than your regular bar; in fact, it is almost half the size and weight of most of the other bars in Lush's normal range. Immediately, this stands out as one of the more expensive products to buy, which I assumed would mean that it would be better quality than the likes of Tender Is The Night and Therapy. However, this is not the case.

The massage bar is rather different from the other ones available, as it not only moisturises your skin, but leaves a trail of silver lustre to make you sparkle. Unfortunately, this glitter only makes an appearance towards the end of the bar, when the top layer of pink has been melted away and the user is left with the white centre. This means that for those of us who want to add a bit of 'shimmer' to our routine, we cannot guarantee that we will get this effect every time we use the bar.  

Secondly, the neon outer shell leaves a trail of pink on you skin when you use the bar, which does somewhat disappear when you massage the oils in, but there's always that slight tint of colour when you're finished. These smears of colour then rub off on your clothes, and if you're wearing white, you end up with stains that can be stubborn to remove. Even when I waited twenty to thirty minutes for the oils to get absorbed, there was still an element of pink that stayed on my skin. 

Finally, there's the issue of how quickly this bar disappears; I only managed to get 4 full body massages out of it, when other, less expensive alternatives, can give me 8-10. The bar wasn't particularly fast when dissolving; the issue was more to do with the size of the bar to begin with.                                                                                                      Despite this, Snow Fairy Sparkle is still a nice product to use. Filled with organic shea, murumuru and cupuacu butters, this massage bar is easy to use and will melt over your body and leave your skin feeling soft and glowing with health.
Overall, this isn't a bad product in the slightest. It does it's job, albeit the problem with the lustre being contained in the centre. However, I see it more as a product that you'd use on occasion; perhaps before a night out, or as a treat after a bath. It's definitely not a massage bar you could use regularly. I suppose that's what makes it a good candidate for a seasonal product. 

I have four of these in total, and I will get round to using all of them up, but I can see these lasting me all year as I'll probably only use it once a month. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Murumuru Butter, Almond Oil, Illipe Butter, Organic Agave Syrup, Perfume, Cupuacu Butter, Glycerine, Synthetic Musk, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Tin Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Methyl Ionone, Benzyl Benzoate, Colour 45410.

Vegan?: Yes.

2014 Price: £4.95.

Scent Family:
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Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Candy Fluff Ballistic
Candy Fluff Perfume
Candy Fluff Dusting Powder
Fairy Dust Dusting Powder
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Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb
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Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar


  1. Do you reckon this would work well as a bath melt? I don't like putting oil on me, since I tend to just scratch it off and have scratch marks on myself, but I do like bath melts. Reckon this would work as one?

    1. This does work as a massage bar. However, you can't use it that much. I've used a sixth of this before in the bath and it was lovely! 😀

  2. Is rock star soap the same scent too?

    1. Hey lovely, Rock Star is a different scent family, one that shares its scent with Creamy Candy Bubble Bar :)

  3. On the lush website it says something about crushing it into your skin. That left me thinking. So, instead of using this as a massage bar (mine was essay too soft for that) I put it in a container and mixed the center and the pink together. It makes for better lotion this way!

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