9 September 2015

Dreamwash Shower Smoothie

I have been meaning to review this product for a long time - it's one that I have been purchasing regularly to ensure that I always have a tub on the side of my bath. However, with all of the new and exciting products that have been consistently coming out of the Lush factory since I began writing this blog, it's one that seems to have slipped into the background behind the more glamorous offerings. 

Ironic then that it takes the discontinuation of the product for me to realise that I have not given the smoothie its much deserved 'air time'. And despite the fact that it is no longer readily available for purchase in any of the Lush stores, I assume that it will be back in the kitchen in due time - at which point new fans will need a reference point to decide whether or not its worth a purchase.

Dreamwash Shower Smoothie is one of a small family of products to share their scent with the popular Dream Cream Body Lotion - a product that happens to be the company's best-selling product of all time. With more and more people developing allergies, suffering from sensitive skin or just simply looking for cosmetics that are as gentle on the skin as possible, this is one of Lush's answers to meet the demand.
The key ingredient featured here is calamine powder which is known for its calming properties. Traditionally used in medicinal ointments as an antiseptic, this natural powder is known for being gentle on the skin - balancing out the skin's natural PH levels, calming stressed or overworked complexions, alleviating spot breakouts and reducing overall redness.

Coupled with a healthy dosage of aloe vera gel to soothe and rehydrate the skin, this shower smoothie is perfect for those who perhaps suffer from certain ailments that may flare up with heavy, chemical-ladened products. This plant-based ingredient softens the skin and works wonders on heavily sunburned areas - offering a cooling sensation that remedies itching and stinging without clogging up the pores or burdening the skin with too many heavy fragrances. 

With chamomile and tea tree oils to give the product antiseptic properties, not to mention offering a scent that relieves and relaxes the mind while its being applied, this is definitely a very unique shower smoothie. So what exactly does it smell like?

Initially, Dreamwash is dominated heavily by the calamine powder coupled with lavender, both of which offer a delicate but rather aromatic floral smell. This is coupled with bouts of aloe vera which gives the product a fresh, crisp and slightly 'leafy' aroma. Overall, the smell of this product is very calming - one you would expect from a product intent on keeping things as simple and delicate as possible.
Unlike all of the other shower smoothies I have tried from Lush, this one has a consistency that almost matches that of other Lush body conditioners such as Yummy Mummy and Ro's Argan. It's rather thick in the tub and lathers on almost as if you were applying a body lotion as opposed to a soap.

As with all of Lush's shower smoothies, I found the most effective way to use it was to scoop it out of the tub and rub it all over the area that I wanted to clean. And much like other smoothies, this one doesn't lather up - instead coating your skin with a creamy lather that gets to work at cleaning and softening the area straight away.

What is great about this smoothie is that it doesn't take a lot to cover quite a large area. I found that a scoop matching the serving of a dessertspoon was enough to clean most of my body - meaning this tub lasted me longer than many of the others I have used over time. 

Furthermore, this product left my skin feeling really clean and it worked wonders at preparing and repairing my skin during and after shaving. While I couldn't really detect much of a cooling sensation on my body afterwards, most likely because I have my baths and showers set on the scorching setting, my skin did feel really fresh and soft.
While it has been discontinued quite recently, I'm positive that it will appear in the Lush Kitchen at some point in the future, and when it does I will be sorely tempted to pick myself up a tub to rekindle my appreciation for it. As it stands, I happen to prefer the solid roulade version of this so I'm happy I can still appreciate the benefits without having to stretch a single tub for what could possibly be a year before it reappears.

Quantitative Ingredients: Calamine Powder, Water (Aqua), Fair Trade Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Rapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil, Glycerine, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Hydroxide, Rose Absolute, Chamomile Blue Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Sodium Chloride, EDTA, Tetrasodium,  Etidronate, Linalool, Perfume.

Vegan?: Yes.

2014 Price: £9.95 for 250g.
2015 Price: £10.95 for 250g.
2016 Price: £10.95 for 250g.

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  1. I tried to comment before but I think blogspot ate it...

    We still will have Dreamwash in pots in North America. I would be happy to arrange a swap with you if you want!