8 September 2015

Lush Cocktail: Turkish Delight

Gliitterati's 'Turkish Delight' Cocktail


1/3 Floating Island Bath Melt (Or 1 Floating Island Bath Oil)



After a long day of slogging over school work, I needed a cocktail that was going to be comforting but uplifting at the same time. While I nearly always side with a citrusy bath to cheer me up, today was different, and instead I wanted something with a strong rose scent - this cocktail sounded perfect. 

Turkish Delight is a simple name - not only playing homage to the shower smoothie that is recommended to be used alongside the bath, but also a reference to the delicious Turkish delicacy that this cocktail shares its scent with. Featuring four different but equally strong rose-oriented products, this bath guaranteed to give me the very experience I was craving. 

Probably one of the most boring bubble bars to look at in the bath, Amandopondo more than makes up for it with its fragrance. Offering a sweet rose aroma with a lemon twist, this product is gorgeous - a fragrance begging to be made into a perfume. 

After crumbling this under the running tap, the smell immediately engulfed the room - creating a thick, fluffy blanket of fragrant bubbles that looked incredibly inviting. While the water didn't alter much in the way of colour, there was a slight pearly effect that gave the tub a lovely glisten - the perfect start to any cocktail. 

Up next I crumbled half a Rose Jam Bubbleroon in the same manner, which not only turned the water into a soft, pastel pink, but elevated the lemony goodness and added its own note of decadent rose - complimenting the Amandopondo while strengthening both the citrus and floral elements of the cocktail.

Next I chose to add in a Floating Island Bath Oil - an Oxford Street exclusive that has a wonderful vanilla and sandalwood aroma. You can opt to add in a third of a Floating Island Bath Melt instead if you choose, it really doesn't make that much of a difference. 

The oils helped to soften the water and insert some much needed essential butters and oils into the cocktail, while also offering a gentle creamy aroma to compliment the rose without thwarting the key elements that make up the smell of this experience. 

Finally I added in a Rose Queen Bath Bomb. This not only added beautiful decoration in the way of actual rose buds on the surface of the water, but painted the tub with a sea of thick, creamy, baby-pink suds that made the bath look a little bit prettier.

Once I had submerged myself under the water, I then topped up the rose experience by washing myself with some Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie - a product that I'm not a huge fan of but one worked really well in this situation. With the oils already in the water, the smoothie didn't dry my skin out and left me with a lovely, gentle floral aroma on my skin. 

Overall, this cocktail not only cheered me up and offered something very different to what I'd normally opt for, but my skin felt radiant when I left the bath and I smelled of roses and lemons for a few hours after towelling myself down. This would make a really nice autumn cocktail - something to bridge the gap between the sweltering heat and bitter cold of the opposing seasons. 

Rating: 8.4 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. This one was great! I would suggest using half the Floating Island bathmelt though, because a third didn't seem like enough moisture for me (I have super dry skin). Ro's Argan helped a bit. Smelled fantastic!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I do need to get myself some Ro's Argan - I haven't had it in a while.