30 July 2015

Atomic Tooth Powder

Since the Oxford Street store first opened, I feel I have become a bit of an expert when it comes to their dentistry range. While I have always marvelled the toothy tabs and used them fairly regularly in my daily routine, it is only since I have been presented with close to ten new variations to try, that I've really had the opportunity to compare and contrast what Lush offer and how they differ from one another. 

Atomic Tooth Powder was one of those products that wasn't on offer the first time I hit the flagship store, and one I probably wouldn't have noticed anyway having discovered the company's impressive new range of toothy tabs available. But having worked my way through the other tabs and powders, this was the last one that I had yet to review, so I was left with no other choice but to do so. 

As with the Ultrablast Tooth Powder, I wasn't initially that enthralled about trying out this product - partly because the description left me feeling a little disgusted at the thought of what it would taste like, and partly because I haven't had all that much luck with the powdered toothpaste so far. 

Made from a blend of ground spices (cardamon, clove, ginger and cinnamon), this powder sounds very much like a cup of chai tea - a description that has proven to be very fitting when it comes to how this item both tastes and smells out of the tub. 

Upon removing the lid, I was not surprised to discover that Atomic has a very potent smell - one that is dominated mostly by the inclusion of cloves but with the other spices sitting behind this and allowing themselves to come through in small bursts at a time. While coffee is also listed in the ingredients list, I didn't detect a very strong thread of this in the mix, and this is probably for the better. 
If I'm honest, it's not the greatest smelling product, and if I was somebody who was a little less adventurous and hesitant to try new things, I can imagine avoiding this altogether. In the simplest terms - this is not a product that sells itself all that well at the beginning.  

As you can imagine, the taste of this is also rather strong - not at potent as emptying a teaspoon of spices into your mouth, but strong enough that you can taste the cloves and cinnamon throughout your brushing - something I can imagine a lot of people being put off by. 

As I have found with both of the other tooth powders, this product comes with its faults - the first issue being when you try to keep the product as dry as possible during and after usage  You have to wet the toothbrush before you dip it into Atomic as I found trying to sprinkle some of the powder onto the brush was near-on impossible and I ended up spilling most of it on the floor or on myself. However, once the brush has made contact with the powder, it tends to leave droplets of liquid in the tub, which causes the powder to clump up over time. 

Furthermore, the very idea of constantly dipping a used toothbrush into the powder (even if it's been rinsed beforehand), means that it doesn't seem as clean and clinical practice as it would be if you were using either a toothpaste or a packet of toothy tabs. 

Having said this, I was really surprised to find that once I was using Atomic, it worked wonders at removing any pungent smells or tastes that were lurking in my mouth and left me with clean, fresh breath. Not only this, but my teeth felt squeaky-clean and there was a noticeable difference in how they felt when compared to other toothy tabs.
Finally, after coming down with a tooth ache, I found that the inclusion of the various natural oils in this product, worked wonders at curbing the soreness in my other and dimmed the pain to make it a little more bearable. 

While it is far from a smell that I would normally opt to use as my toothpaste, I was really impressed at how wonderful it left my mouth and teeth feeling. The toxicity of the spices definitely work to the advantage of this tooth powder and it will be one I buy again - if you only to stop myself from getting bored of Oral Pleasure. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar (Potassium bitartrate), Sorbitol, Lauroyl Sarcosine, Kaolin, Fair Trade Organic Coffee (Coffea Arabica), Clove Bud Oil (Eugenia caryophyllus), Cardamom Oil (Elettaria cardamomum), Fair Trade Whole Organic Clove (Eugenia caryophyllus), Fair Trade Organic Cardamom Powder (Elettaria cardamomum), Fair Trade Organic Cinnamon Powder (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), Fine Sea Salt, Fair Trade Organic Ginger Powder (Zingiber officinale), Fair Trade Organic White Pepper Powder (Piper nigrum), Sodium Saccharin, Eugenol, Linalool, Flavour.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £4.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2015. 


  1. Did you try putting some of the powder on your left palm then dipping the toothbrush there, like I suggested before? That way the tub won't be contaminated.

    1. I haven't tried that yet you know - must give it a shot when I'm brushing my teeth today 😀

  2. Oral Pleasure is something really special. The taste is divine! I wish, they would made it available on a regular base.

    1. I do really hope that these become available for people to buy online - I can see them being very popular amongst Lushies!

  3. Initially I thought this powder sounded disgusting but after reading your blog I'm actually tempted to try it! I love Lush products and have been a long time user (the original brand Cosmetics to Go started in my part of the world in Poole). Might have to buy this one and give it a go then...

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