6 July 2015

Dad's Garden Gift Set

In as many words, I am a selfish person. When I saw this stunning new gift set on the Lush website - designed specifically to give as a gift for the father figures in your life, my initial thought wasn't 'oooh, that would be a nice present to give my dad who I love very much', my reaction was 'oh my goodness, that box is absolutely gorgeous - I have to get it so I can fill it with something!'

In my defence, my dad both lives in another country and wouldn't use any of the products featured anyway, but that's besides the point. Dad's Garden Gift Set is a glorious looking collection for anyone into their scents - a selection of three of Lush's most popular unisex aromas. 

This set features: 

While there are many positives about this gift set, two in particular stand out for me. Firstly, the most obvious is the wonderful reusable wooden box that the perfumes come in. For fathers, this would be a great box to fill with some of their most prized keepsakes; for me, it's an opportunity to find trinkets and jewellery to fill it with. 

Secondly, I love the fact that this collection features a spray, a perfume and a solid - three different formats, each with completely different scents that allow the recipient to have such a wholesome experience with some of Lush's best-selling fragrances. 

While the price tag for this is a little on the high side, when you take into consideration the individual prices for the perfumes and then add on the fact that you have a reusable wooden box that would set you back at least £10 in a shop, I consider this to be a great limited edition gift set and I am very glad that I was able to purchase this to enjoy. 

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £49.50 each.


  1. I didn't really find this gift set very "Dad-appropriate" at all, I would've wished for something like the Gardener soap, plus a hand cream for those hard working hands and a nice shower product, I just prefer a bit of varaiety in gift sets and especially perfume, at least the men in my family usually have their one or two staple perfumes they use and don't switch them up so my dad probably wouldn't have had much to enjoy about these until his bottle is empty lol

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