14 July 2015

Lush Cocktail: Sparkly Nights

Amber's 'Sparkly Nights' Cocktail




'You're not using all of that, are you?' questioned one of my flatmates when she saw me heading into the bathroom with an armful of bath bombs and bubble bars. She was rather shocked when I announced that I was. While I tend to have a Lush Cocktail every week, I see it as a luxury - a treat for making it through the stress of being a teacher. 

This particular concoction, Sparkly Nights, really appealed to me because while all four of the products are limited edition Christmas and Halloween specials, they still leave me feeling really refreshed in the warmer months. On the night that I tried this out for the first time, I was looking for something that could wash away a week or bad memories, and it did just that!

To begin the cocktail, I first crumbled a third of a Christmas Eve Bubble Bar under the running water. As I have said in reviews of other cocktails, this product has really grown on me since I first tried it almost three years ago, and I now ensure that I have a small stash secured for the year as I would hate to run out. 

This bar fills the tub with an array of soft, fragrant bubbles and turns the water a pale turquoise colour - not very exciting by itself but a good base for the other products to come.

Once the bath is ready, add in half of a Northern Lights Ballistic. This shares it's scent with the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar but as I said in the video, it offers a much more interesting and colourful display in the tub. As the bomb oozes out bright purple foam, the colour of the water deepens and begins to show a slight sparkle. 

Next add in a Snow Angel Bath Bomb. This shares its scent with the wonderful Snowcake family and offers a sweet, almond aroma that isn't unlike marzipan. As this limited edition is half bomb, half melt, the water becomes really thick and creamy at this point - sparkling even more now as the golden lustre from Snow Angel scatters itself around the water. 

Finally, throw in half of a Shoot For The Stars and watch as the water becomes a deep blue colour - thick with essential oils and butters to enrich your skin and threaded with lots of sparkly glitter to really emphasise the name of the cocktail. The latter bath bomb takes the crown as being the strongest element in this bathing experience, but that's not to say that I couldn't detect all of the other elements that went into making this bath. 

I don't know whether I just have luck when choosing the Lush Cocktails I try out, but this is another amazing one that I am sure I will use again - partly because of how much I loved it and partly due to the amount of each of these products that I currently own. If you're looking for something to leave your skin feeling and smelling incredible while perking you up, this is a collaboration you are going to want to try. 

Vegan?: Yes. 

Rating: 9.1 out of 10.

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  1. This looks amazing Jen! Shoot for the Stars is such an amazing product, I wish I had bought more than one last Christmas!