14 August 2015

Lush Cocktail: Pretty In Pink

Kim's 'Pretty In Pink' Cocktail




There are some products that make others pale in comparison - bubble bars and bath bombs, shower gels and jellies that you just wish you'd created yourself, they're that good. When it comes to It's A Date, this is exactly how I feel. Not only does it smell incredible - a tangerine and sandalwood combination to get excited about, but it also happens to make the most magical looking of baths. 

Excited to try this out, I first crumbled the entirety of It's A Date under the running water - revelling in sandalwood and tangerine oils that are present in this limited edition product. Both of these elements are equally mixed - producing a gentle woody aroma that works perfectly together. The scent reminds me a little of the orange Starburst sweet, with a complimentary warm and woody undertone that compliments the tangerine perfectly. 

Aside from its fragrance, this bubble bar is perhaps the softest one that Lush have ever released. As it disintegrates the second it comes into contact with the water, the bubble bar produces an abundance of thick, creamy fluffy bubbles that glisten in the light and make this one special looking Lush cocktail. Furthermore, the water turns a vivid fluorescent pink colour and this stays the leading colour throughout the entire experience. 

Up next I added in half of a Happy Blooming Bath Melt. While it is one of my favourite bath melts, it doesn't tend to stay afloat so I decided to massage the oils out across the water, which only served to leave my hands feeling beautifully soft before I'd even entered the bath. This melt has a wonderfully sultry and rather decadent cherry smell, and this worked really well with the sandalwood to produce a very relaxing but subtle smelling bath. 

Finally, I added in a Mrs Whippy Bath Ballistic. While mine was a little old, the gorgeous floral strawberry aroma was still very much present and it served to round all of the fragrances together to produce a lovely gentle fruity cocktail. 

While it felt like I was submerged beneath a blanket of fruity compote, the overall smell wasn't as potent as I was hoping it would be. This was a little disappointing but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. This would be a great cocktail to enjoy before starting off your weekend - lifting your spirits and leaving you wonderfully smooth to boot!

Rating?: 8.6 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.

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  1. An incredible cocktail i came up with included Uluru, Mr. Brightside, Yuzu & Cocoa cream and Skinny Dip. I call it Citrus Sunset :)