30 August 2015

Lush Cocktail: Rainbow Magic

Anonymous' 'Rainbow Magic' Cocktail




While I could easily come up with a million different ideas for Lush cocktails, I love the fact that you guys have tried and tested these ones out before me. I appreciate the stories that inspire your recipes; the instructions you share with me to make my experience as memorable as possible. 

For this reason, I get rather excited when I discover one that is simply sublime - one that immediately makes me envisage just how the maker must have felt when they realised the gold mine they had just stumbled upon, in the bathing world. This is one such cocktail.

While it's called Rainbow Magic, I wouldn't say that this is the most colourful experience I have had in the tub. If anything, it reminds me more of a summer sky or a reflection in stream - those blues and yellows, whites and greens swirling around like a sea of goodness. 

Crumbling the Holly Golightly Bubble Bar under the running water, I relished in the beautiful spring green colour that the water turned - enjoying the sweet but spicy cinnamon aroma that at first seemed rather contradictory to the shade that the water had become. 

This seasonal favourite creates a haven of wonderful, fragrant bubbles and turns the water into a silky haven of beauty. By this stage I was rather intrigued to see how the three completely different products that went with this would work with this seemingly 'odd one out'. 

Up next I dropped the piece of Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt into the water - immediately getting a strong note of lemony goodness that engulfed my senses and filled the bathroom. This product can be rather greasy if too much is used, and while my bath was not in the slightest bit too oily, I would say you could probably use a third instead as the bubble has already helped you out a bit by this stage.

Next I added in the Dragon's Egg. This didn't offer much in the way of colour but did replenish the bath with a wave of beautiful golden glitter. The lustre didn't stain my skin or leave horrible smears on the bath - instead swirling underneath the surface and elevating the beautiful experience that I knew this was shaping up to be. 

Finally, I added in an entire Golden Wonder which immediately gave off a strong, zesty, fruity aroma and began to spew out waves of pastel blue foam across the tub. Again, this didn't really add much in the way of colour overall but it did strengthen that citrus aroma and soften the water even further. 

After submerging myself beneath the water, I knew I was in heaven. Not only did each of the products make themselves known in the aroma, but they complimented each other perfectly - offering me a blend of fruity, citrusy goodness but just a hint of spice that helped to keep this bath as warming on the senses as it was on the skin. 

I left the tub feeling refreshed and thoroughly uplifted - my skin felt as smooth as silk and the wonderful aroma stayed with me all through the night and into the next day. While the sun was shining outside the window at the time, it was so light a bath that it didn't matter that it was the middle of the summer when I was in it. 

This is easily one of my favourite bath cocktails to date - one that needs to be tried by everyone, and one that I will use time and time again - whenever I need a pick me up or just simply want an amazing bath. 

Rating?: 9.2 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. Dear Jen, I have really wanted to try a lush cocktail and this seems perfect! But.. LUSH doesn't sell the "Star Light, Star Bright" Bath Melt so I was wondering if you had a substitution.

    1. We can hope it comes back in the kitchen soon! :) As a substitute, I would either use half of a You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt or I'd break off a small piece (size of a penny) of From Dusk Til Daw Massage Bar and use one of these instead :)