10 August 2015

Lush Cocktail: It's A Lush Life For Me!

Xandra's 'It's A Lush Life For Me' Cocktail




Having bought an extortionate number of Luxury Lush Pud's during the Christmas sale, I am intent on using them up before the fresh ones make an appearance during the Christmas season this year. This means that any cocktail that features one tends to hold my attention when I'm deciding on what to have in the bath. 

It's A Lush Life For Me! Cocktail appealed to me the other morning because of three things. Firstly, it contained a Luxury Lush Pud which is the golden ingredient for any cocktail; secondly, it featured Twilight Shower Gel, and it's not like I need an excuse to use one of my all-time favourite products. Finally, the ingredients list interested me as there was such an array of different smells - I was intrigued to find out what they would be like together. 

To start this cocktail off, I crumbled the Rose Jam Bubbleroon under the running tap. Known for its ability to create a sea of fluffy bubbles while also softening the water with essential oils, I was not disappointed to watch as the tub filled up with a wonderful sweet rose and lemon aroma and the water turned a pretty pal pink colour. There was a part of me that was almost tempted to stop right there and enjoy this product by itself - it smelled that delicious!

Up next I added in lashings of Twilight Shower Gel - a product that can turn even the most mundane of baths into amazing feats. This creamy, malty lavender and vanilla shower gel leaves your skin feeling like velvet and it only helps to soften the water in this cocktail. 

Once the bath had been fully run, I added in the Sparkle Massage Bar, which shares its aroma with the Snow Fairy family. While massage bars were designed to be used as a solid body lotion, I have discovered that small amounts can be added to hot baths to work in place of a bath melt or bath oil. 

Unfortunately, I did find that this particular massage bar doesn't tend to dissolve into the water as easily as others, and I was left with puddles of oil on the surface of the tub. These didn't leave my skin feeling oily at all but did prevent me from being able to wash my hair for fear it would make it greasy. 

Next I added in the Luxury Lush Pud - a bath bomb that shares its scent with the Twilight Shower Gel. Surprisingly, I found that it complimented the Rose Jam wonderfully and created a sort of creamy, vanillary rose aroma which was wonderful. It also worked well with the massage bar as it took away some of its sickliness and helped to give it a much nicer smell. 

Finally, I threw in half of a Supernova and watched as it spewed out threads of pink froth across the surface of the water - deepening the shade of pink that the water was currently coloured and added an uplifting and rather fresh smelling grape aroma. Although it was this bath bomb that I was worried about clashing with the other ingredients, I found that the citrus element sat nicely behind the other components and just helped to add a gentle sweetness to the overall experience. 

Although It's A Lush Life For Me! was a lovely cocktail, I would have liked to see a little more, given how many ingredients were featured here. This would work well as a pre-night out experience as it'll help to relax your mind and unwind your muscles, but at the same time it's fruity and sweet enough to get you in the mood for a party!

Rating: 8.8 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. I adore the twilight/lush pud scent so will have to give this a try!! Jen can I ask, as,you mentioned it when exactly does the lush Christmas sale start? I only really got into lush last Christmas and it was only late afternoon boxing day that it occurred to me there may be a sale and by that point I'd missed out...not this year haha!!!
    Love this blog btw I always refer back when I choose a new product to try :) xx

  2. Oh yay this was mine! I'm so glad you liked it- I'm living vicariously through you! Thanks for picking mine Jen! :) -Xandra