5 August 2015

Lush Cocktail: Sunrise

Anonymous' 'Sunrise' Cocktail




With the sun pouring in after a much needed great night's sleep, I knew I had to choose a cocktail that reflected the positive mood I was hoping to enjoy all day. Sifting through my Lush Cocktail book, looking for something bright and uplifting, I came across this recipe - one that could easily be adapted to suit products available all year around. 

Sunrise is the perfect experience for those who are looking for something invigorating to wake them up in the morning, or give them a much needed boost before a night out. Concocted from three regular products and one limited edition, this beautiful collaboration can be enjoyed all year round, and so it should. 

Begin by crumbling the Brightside Bubble Bar under the running tap. This by itself is one of my favourite products and definitely one that works well enough by itself. Within seconds, the water turns a beautiful orange colour and fills up with thick, soft and very fragrant bubbles - the water becoming a silky haven guaranteed to leave your skin feeling incredible afterwards. 

The smell of this product is a very zesty, citrusy smell - very much like sticking your nose in a bag of orange and lemon sherbet. Packed full of essential oils, this product will not only invigorate the senses and help you to wake up, but also works at replenishing your skin and leaving it looking radiant. 

Next up, I crumbled the Santa's Sack under the running water - a product that seems almost alien in this recipe. Made from an array of beautiful ingredients - tonka, neroli and tagetes oil, this bubble bar makes for an interesting and unique experience. Lush claim that the product is designed to smell like coca cola - which it does, but there is a slight sweetness to it which reminds me more of cola laces than the popular drink. 

Unfortunately, I found that this bubble bar got a little lost in the mix at this stage. Brightside was much more vibrant and potent in the water, and while it might have helped to soften the water, the former bubble bar is more than capable of doing this without any help. For this reason, you could opt to leave this out and I don't think it would alter how beautiful the outcome is. 

Once the bath had been ran, I added in the You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt and took great gratification from watching the wonderful oils seep out and across the surface. Some people find this bath melt quite greasy when the whole product is used, and given that Brightside softens the water a great deal already, I'd say that you could easily use half and still have an amazing experience. 

The citrusy smells from YBM compliment the bubble bars wonderfully - yet at all times during the experience I could still detect each of the products (minus Santa's Sack) individually as well. 

Finally, I added in a fresh Avobath Bath Bomb and watched as it fizzed away - releasing wave upon wave of wonderful, zesty lemongrass. At first this was so strong that it overpowered all of the other products. However, once it had settled in the water, each component came back and made this a well-rounded and very delicious smelling bath.

This was the perfect remedy on a summer day when I didn't want something too heavy - something that cheered me up and left me feeling beautifully soft and clean. This is definitely something I will use again, and given that I can use reduced amounts of most of the products, it's also great value for money.

Rating: 9.1 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.

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  1. yay:) I'm happy you liked it. Yes, you're right, I should have added less products, I was totally thinking about it.