5 November 2015

Tea Tree Toner Spray

I don't think there are many people on the planet that would argue against the benefits of tea tree, in all of its formats; it's a miracle ingredient in as many words. The oil has been scientifically proven to be antibacterial and antifungal and has natural properties that make it incredible for the skin, hair and even the internal organs. For these reasons, I had no doubt in my mind that Tea Tree Toner Spray was going to be incredible. I love being proved right. 

The toner spray is one of the simplest ones from Lush, and indeed one of the most basic products that the company offer to date. With only six ingredients, you wonder how something so simple could benefit your skin all that much. However, it is its simplicity that makes it so effective - Lush have chosen a handful of essential ingredients and combined them to make a super spray.

As the name suggests, Tea Tree Toner Spray features tea tree water as the main ingredient - a simple product that is made from combining tea tree oil with water. The oil is dispersed throughout the water so that it offers the same level of beneficial skincare but with more of the stuff to go around. Tea tree is antibacterial, gentle on the skin and very soothing, especially for those who suffer from sensitivity.
This spray also features grapefruit water, which as well as giving it a gentle citrus burst, is the main ingredient that helps to improve the condition of your skin. The natural citrus juices help to cleanse the pores and is great for those users who want to remove dirt from their pores without stripping their skin of the natural oils already present. Just like other citrus fruits, grapefruit is uplifting on both your mood and your skin - it helps to bring back some of that vibrancy that is often lost on overworked and tired complexions.

Finally, juniperberry water supports both of the main ingredients - it too being known for its skin-clearing and oil-controlling properties. It is this that you can initially smell when you use Tea Tree - a wonderful sweet and woody fragrance with an underlying note of citrus and a burst of tea tree to round it all off. 

Just like Lush's other toner sprays, this one works by squirting it directly onto your face and then using a cotton pad to wipe away excess dirt that may have built up throughout the day. Some people may prefer to spray this into their hand and then apply it to the face that way - I find that either works fine. I tend to spray it onto my face and then leave it to settle into the skin, and I find that my complexion feels so revitalised and radiant after doing so.  

I tend to use this product after I've gotten out of the shower, spraying it directly onto my face to remove any build up that has been left from my cleanser. I then apply my facial moisturiser on top of this and my face remains smooth and gentle for the rest of the day. One top up in the afternoon and my skin stays feeling radiant and silky-soft for the rest of the evening.

Tea Tree Toner Spray leaves your face beautifully soft and smooth - I could feel the radiance emanating from my face from the initial first use. This is easily my favourite toner spray and one I will always carry around with me. Priced at only £3.95 for a 100ml bottle, this product will give you months of rejuvenated and invigorated skin -I highly suggest that you try one out for yourself - you won't regret it. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Tea Tree Water, Grapefruit Water, Juniperberry Water, Limonene, Perfume, Methylparaben.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £4.50 for 100g, £8.50 for 250g.


  1. Hi Jen,

    I was always afraid this would really dry out my face.
    As you also don't have oily skin, has it dried you out?


    1. Not at all. My face feels the very opposite in fact - it leaves it so soft and much more radiant after a few sprays :) I really recommend that you try it.

  2. LOVE this stuff! almost done with my second bottle. the other toners have let me down but BOFA is good to keep my aromaco from drying out.

    1. Have you tried Breeze On A Sea Air? It's a Lush Kitchen exclusive. That's my ultimate favourite toner water, with this one being my second choice :)

    2. I have not! I save my Kitchen purchases for non-necessities and Freeze and Tramp :p

  3. Hi Jen I have normal skin that's slightly dry and I rarely get spots i m afraid that it might be too harsh or dry out my a skin as I'm only 13 do you think I would be OK ??x

    1. You probably wouldn't need this one, as Tea Tree is best suited for acne prone or oily skin. Eau Roma Water is Lush's most hydrating toner, and will work best for your drier skin. Make sure you pair it with a moisturizer as well!

  4. Thanks on will put it on my Christmas wish list ����