13 November 2015

Peace Bubble Stone

If there's one thing I'm pining after, it's the Lush Spa treatments in their many formats. Despite having bought and tried absolutely every product that Lush have released since mid 2012, I have never managed to find the time or the funds to invest in any of their unique and rather wonderful sounding spa packages. 

As someone who likes to know that they've tried every Lush product going, it's incredibly frustrating then to know that the company have an array of Bubble Stones and Massage Bars that are unavailable for general sale. My only choice is to work my way through each of the treatments and collect an exclusive product as I do, or wait (rather impatiently) for the bars to appear on eBay so that I can snap them up.

Peace Bubble Stone is one of two exclusive bars that I managed to snap up in a recent online listing, and my excitement when they arrived was tenfold. Sharing its scent with the massage bar of the same name, this limited edition product is currently available as part of the Synethesia Spa Treatment - one of Lush's most popular sensual experiences.

Much like the massage bar, this strange looking product contains a very basic ingredients list - cocoa butter, shea butter and olive oil - all of which offer a very gentle, rather simplistic but equally beautiful aroma. In a way, the smell of this bar is very reminiscent of vegan white chocolate - it has a sweet, creaminess to it that gives off a delicate milky smell. Yet at the same time, you can also detect a faint hint of the cocoa butter - although its scent as has been thwarted somewhat and it reminds me a little of a very watered-down mug of hot chocolate or hot malted drink.

While my Peace Bubble Stone looks and feels a little bit like a bubble bar that has been forgotten about and left in a drawer for ten years, the smell and the productivity of this product was impressive. Unlike the soft, crumbly consistency you would expect from most of Lush's fresh bubble bars, this one is rigid and feels more like a pumice stone than a bath product. On the surface it doesn't look very appealing but its merits come about when this beauty is put to use in the tub.

The idea behind all of Lush's bubble stones is that you hold them under the running water for 30 seconds to a minute, depending on how generous you're feeling. The water pressure stimulates the bar and ebbs essential butters and oils into the tub, while also creating a good helping of soft, fragrant bubbles to submerge yourself beneath.

The consistency of Peace makes it incredibly difficult to crumble with your hands so you'd need to grind this down before you run your bath. However, I strongly advise that you do it my way as this worked a treat, and I found that the bubble stone was strong enough to withstand the force of the water without disintegrating. After use, all that you need to do is dry down the remaining piece and store it somewhere dry until you need it again.

What is great about all of the stones that I have tried from Lush so far, is that they're robust enough to last across four baths - which is more than I can say for some of Lush's bubble bars. However, these bubble stones do not create any impressive displays of colour, and they don't heed a very strong smell at all. 

Having said that, these stones do produce enough of a fragrance to soothe your mind and relax your body, and if you manage to purchase one of these, they're not a product you expect to be particularly potent before or during their use. Instead, they work on offering you a bath that is incredibly soothing, and one that leaves your skin feeling really soft and well-nourished.

While the oils don't make their presence known on the surface of the water, and the experience isn't as greasy as some of Lush's bath oils and melts tend to offer, there is definitely something present that makes the bath slightly more luxurious than a regular bath bomb would.

Although I wouldn't claim this was as good as a bubble bar, there is something rather therapeutic about using Peace Bubble Stone, and I would definitely love to buy a couple of fresh ones to use in cocktails, or to use by themselves when I'm craving something a little lighter and more refreshing.

Quantitative Ingredients: ?

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: Not available for sale.

Year Of Original Release: ?


  1. I find these so intriguing! I see them occasionally on instagram and tumblr and I've always wondered just how something as dry as this could produce bubbles and a moisturizing bath. I really want to get my hands on one now! I need to figure out a way to get to the Lush spa!