14 November 2015

Volcano Foot Bomb

Despite how far I have immersed myself into the world of Lush, I have never had the pleasure of experiencing one of their many impressive-looking Spa treatments. Although my career and general work/life balanced suggests it should be a regular occurrence, I have to find solace in my daily baths to relax my mind and soothe my soul.

Recently, while scouring eBay for rarities, I stumbled upon a listing for a Volcano Foot Bomb - an opportunity I couldn't pass up, least because this product is not available for general sale, and never has been. In fact, the only way that I could have experienced it up until this point and beyond was if I had invested near on £60 to sit through The Spell Treatment at one of Lush's Spa stores. While I would love the opportunity to do so, time and money just doesn't stick around long enough for me to do so!

While the ingredients of Volcano Foot Bomb is unknown to the general public, if the foot mask of the same name is anything to go by, this miniature ballistic is packed full of kaolin and pumice to leave your feet looking, smelling and feeling like royalty.

Presented as a ballistic a little bigger than a Butterball, this exclusive product sports a wonderful grey overcoat with a vivid red core that you can just about glimpse through the hole in the top of the bomb. Designed to mimic a cooling volcano - the outer shell being the cooling ashes, the inner core replicating the simmering molten rock, this ballistic is a picture of perfection.

Before and during its use, this beautiful item doesn't offer a very interesting smell - resting somewhere between the dry, dusty scent of pumice and the slightly more dirt-orientated aroma of clay. Despite it's name, it doesn't share its scent with the foot mask of the same name, and it's definitely not a ballistic you would want to bathe your whole body in. 

Once I had filled a bowl with hot water, I added Volcano and was a little disappointed to find that it didn't fizz at all - instead tumbling to the bottom of the tub and dispersing a wave of murky-black debris across the surface of the water. Immediately, I could see the red and yellow core resting under the water and gave the the water a quick stir around until it had completely dissolved - leaving a deep scarlet-coloured liquid with threads of black shimmer laced throughout.

While it doesnt look attractive at all, once your feet are settled under the water, you soon forget this fact when you realise how quickly the condition of your skin improves. Within minutes, your feet feel silky soft and there is a noticeable difference in how smooth and supple they feel. If you have scaly feet or are susceptible to dry skin, this ballistic would eradicate this in a single use, and I can only imagine how incredible your feet would feel if you were able to use one of these regularly.

After leaving my feet to soak for a good forty minutes, my feet were given a new lease of life. The dryness between my toes had disappeared, my cuticles were clean and looked a lot healthier, and the skin on both feet looked more radiant. Not only this, but the heat radiated for hours afterwards so I didn't have to worry about going to bed with cold feet. 

Ultimately, I am so impressed with how effective Volcano is, and I would happily invest in these regularly alongside my foot mask if Lush were to make them available. To extend the life of this one, I have kept the water and plan on heating it up at another point in time, to hopefully get a second use out of it. However, I would much prefer the luxury of being able to order these alongside my regular items, and hope that Lush consider this at some point in the near future.      


  1. Hehe I never tried anything like this for my feet. I must admit I tend to neglect mine, well apart from wearing comfortable and sensible shoes ;-)

  2. Sounds like it was a dud based off your description of it in water. Unfortunate risk of bath bombs being stored for a long time.