25 November 2015

Wow Gift Set

What is there really to say aside from - WOW! Its very name epitomises just how amazing this gift set is - from the vivid colours of the outside shell, to the spellbinding content that stretches right across the Christmas range. This is a collection that every fan wishes they could obtain - one intent on making an impression on anyone and everyone that feasts their eyes upon it - Lush fan or not.

Coming in at £155, this gift set is easily above most people's gift-buying budgets, but with a staggering 36 items inside, this collection has many uses. Firstly, if you're a Lush novice, and want to get yourself stuck into the seasonal range, this is the perfect place to start. While there are a small handful of products missing from this set, the majority of the Christmas range is present - making it an easier alternative than trying to find and purchase every product in store or online.

Secondly, the design of the packaging makes this a fantastic storage box. If you're already a collector, this box is carefully laid out so it can hold a large number of cosmetics without them getting squashed, crushed or damaged. If you're a newbie and this is your first purchase - this box is the perfect excuse to start collecting!

While I have a rather large Lush collection, I love the fact that there's so much variety in this gift set. There is enough here for a good twenty baths and even more showers, and there's something to cater for each and every mood you may be in, so you'll be spoilt for choice every time you come to choose the type of bath you want. Alternatively, if you're unable to purchase it yourself, you could always persuade your family members or flatmates to chip in and invest in it as a household. 

This gift set contains:

Santa's Lip Scrub (non vegan)

Individually, these items tally up to a little over £140, so you are paying roughly £10 for the privilege of having it all packaged up and presented in this display case. However, this box is sturdy and visually stunning, and in my opinion well worth the money, if only due to its 'WOW' factor. 

Whereas I have always wanted but never invested in Lush's bigger seasonal gift sets, I just could not let this one pass me by. And while I have enough of the  Christmas range to keep me going well into next year, I am forever grateful that I can dip into this set at any moment and enjoy a burst of seasonal goodness whenever I like.

Vegan?: Yes, aside from the Santa's Lip Scrub.

2015 Price: £155. 



  1. Oh, that's super weird!! Ours has the FUN in there, too, bringing it to 40 products.

  2. In North America, this gift set contains EVERY Christmas exclusive except for Cranberry, making it a wonderful investment in my opinion. Such a wonderful box...

  3. This gift box looks absolutely amazing! The perfect gift for a Lush fan <3

  4. Hey!
    Do you know if this goes on sale after Christmas?