1 November 2015

Lush Cocktail: Let The Sparkler Show Begin!

Anonymous' 'Let The Sparkler Show Begin!' Cocktail




Deep in the darkest crevices of my Lush collection, I have a fair few favourites that only see the light of day when I'm looking for something special. Since its release last Halloween, The Sparkler has made a big impression on me - cementing itself as one of my all time favourite bath bombs. Unfortunately, I only managed to secure two before they were discontinued and I've been clinging to them ever since, hoping that Lush bring them back out again at some point. 

Tonight I needed a cocktail to rouse my spirits and this was the only item I seemed to crave. Coupled with a pair of odd choices for a cocktail , I was intrigued to find out where this recipe would take me, and thankfully it offered me everything I could possibly want, and more. 

To begin with, I crumbled half of a Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar under the running water. Sharing it's scent with the Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar and the very popular Noriko Soap, this bubble bar is a delicately sweet and lightly fragranced product that works wonders as a treat to help you settle before bed. It's a little creamy and malty like Twilight, while still retaining a very natural lavender aroma - one that isn't too potent at all.

After crumbling the bubble bar under the running water, the tub filled up with wonderfully soft and fragrant bubbles - although again, the lavender was strong enough to be appreciated but gentle enough that it wasn't overpowering. Admittedly, there wasn't as many bubbles as I would normally expect for a piece this size, but there was enough to keep most people happy. 

When The Sparkler hits the water, it immediately begins to bubble and froth - producing a thick, silky-soft layer of foam that coats the surface of the water and turns it a vibrant shade of golden-yellow. As the ballistic continues to work it's magic, streams of golden lustre ooze out and create stunning patterns across the surface.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Rose Jam Fragrance, this bath ballistic gives off a gorgeous scent; a sticky, sweet floral aroma like no other smell you have ever come across before. There's an abundance of rose oil here to give you that wonderful natural rose smell, while lemon oil elevates the floral element and adds a citrusy twist.

Finally, I added in the stump of Star Light Star Bright Bath MeltPacked full of Cocoa butter, this is a bath product that promises to soften your skin and heal up those dry patches. The shea butter fondant centre inside this bath melt is rich and moisturising, creating a soft and creamy bath that not only relaxes you, but helps to relax your skin as well. It also contains coconut oil which hydrates, nourishes and strengthens the skin, making you ready to face the nasty winter weather.

Together, these products produced a stunning bath - one that packed a punch with the amount of fragrance it offered. While I would say that the Unicorn Horn doesn't do much aside add a helping of bubbles, the whole experience is stunning and one that I will use again with my last Sparkler.

This is a sweet but very floral orientated experience - a cocktail that offers a different experience when any other that I've tested out so far. I really hope that Lush bring The Sparkler back because I'm down to my last one now, and this cocktail is begging to be experienced again!  

Rating: 9.1 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.