29 September 2018

Fruit Giant Bombshell

Looking back at my childhood, I remember developing a fear for a short while about the possibility of the world running out of new music; that there would be a time when no original songs could or would be produced. While it may sound like an irrational fear, my love of music was (and still is) the biggest influence in my life, and if this was to ever happen, it would be the worst thing to ever happen to me...almost.

I say this because I'm always surprised that Lush are able to produce so many different fruity and citrusy scents. Although the company would do well from stepping back a little, and creating a few more unique scents instead, I'm always intrigued to know how they can take the same ingredients and yet somehow create something new, if only slightly different.

When Over and Over Bath Bomb appeared at the Showcase last year, I remember thinking how wonderful the scent was, even though I had seen similar combinations of ingredients in many of Lush's previous bath bombs. As it shares the same fragrance, the same can be said for Fruit Giant Bombshell. However, there are differences between these two bath products that I'll go into detail about below.

One of five limited edition bombshells featured at the Showcase this year, Fruit Giant is one of two pre-made beauties that you could have purchased. Comprised of two halves, the idea is that you fill the centre with a selection of flowers, plants and herbs that suit your fancy, and the whole bombshell is sealed together with a piece of raffia.

While this one features lime and fennel, orris and cypress oil, there are slight differences in scent when compared to the Over and Over Bath Bomb. Firstly, as expected, my nose detected the element of lime, which just like the aforementioned bath bomb, doesn't offer something particularly light and fruity, nor something super citrusy either. The lime in this bath bomb sits somewhere in between. Although not tart of bitter, there is a tangy element to this ingredient that sets it apart from most out lime-scented Lush products.

Alongside this, the inclusion of the fennel oil adds a warm but very subtle herbal layer that sits underneath the lime. I believe it is this component that elevates the fragrance of the lime, whilst also offering a slight aniseed-like afterthought to the bomb. How this differs from Over And Over is that I did find this bath bomb a little fruitier, which I think is because it doesn't feature the cocoa butters that usually cost one of the sides of the bomb. This means that the powdery-ness of the bombshell has an opportunity to let the lime shine a little more.

In the tub, this beauty immediately begins to fizz - sending out waves of vibrant orange across the surface of the water, and giving off a beautiful scent that stays wonderfully intense throughout the whole experience. Once fully dissolved, the dried pieces of orange from the centre of the bath bomb float across the surface, making the bath even more beautiful. 

I think it is these pieces of fruit, along with the slightly different format, that brings out an almost orange-like fragrance in the tub. To my nose, it was a little fruitier again when compared to the original bath bomb, and I really appreciated the difference. It was like sunshine in my bath tub and it warmed me up so quickly.

While not the most moisturising out of the five bombshells, this is anything but drying. The fruity oils did wonders at clearing out my pores and leaving my skin feeling really soft; the lime oil helped to bring a little radiance back into my complexion and leave me looking a little less weathered. 

Unfortunately, I didn't find that the scent stayed on my skin for that long after I had towelled myself down, and this would be something I feel Lush would need to rectify, if they plan on selling these for the price tag that they were at the Showcase.

Overall, this is a really lovely bombshell, especially for those who love the Over And Over scent and wish to try something a little different. While it's unlikely Lush would be able to dip a bath bomb of this size with cocoa butter, and not charge a fortune for the privilege, I feel as if a little extra helping of butters would just seal the fragrance in a little bit more and make it slightly more nourishing overall.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Lime Oil, Fennel Oil, Orris Oil, Cypress Oil, Water.

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: £18 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2018.


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