26 September 2018

Pink Floral Milk Giant Bombshell

Just when you think that Lush cannot possibly come up with any bright and interesting new ideas, the Showcase happens, and the level of innovation goes right through the roof. If you thought that naked shower gels and solid facial oils were intriguing, just wait until you read about hair marshmallows and golden face masks.

Pink Floral Milk Giant Bombshell is one of five limited edition ballistics to make themselves known at the Showcase event last week, and one of two 'floral' bombshells. While from the outside this looks like your regular bath bomb, there is something rather special about this exclusive, that could make it a regular feature in stores across the country, in the near future.

Almost double in size when compared to Lush's usual spherical bombs, this pink beauty comes as two separate pieces. Each half is hollow in the middle and features an etched flower on the outside to make it look a little more appealing than just a smooth surface.

What sets this product apart from everything that has come before it is that this is Lush's very first custom made bath bomb. Surrounding the cases of these exclusives were various flowers, plants and herbs, and as a customer I was able to choose what 'filling' I wanted to complete this bomb. 

For this particular one, I allowed the employee to make the choice for me, and she discussed why a combination of yellow and pastel pink roses would make the perfect companions for my bathing experience. Once my flowers had been chosen, my bath bomb was sealed with a straw ribbon and carefully placed inside my basket.

On the one hand, I loved the more personal experience that I received from purchasing this product. There was definitely something far more exciting and intimate about talking to a person while they make your unique bath bomb for you. It's definitely a step in the right direction and I feel that Lush need to explore this further.

However, there is nothing stopping anyone from purchasing a regular bath bomb and a bouquet of flowers, and saving themselves a few pounds in the process. Brutally honest maybe, but I always consider every option when I'm reviewing. Ultimately, you wouldn't get such a lovely presentation if you did the latter idea, and it was a gift for someone special, but most people would probably consider the £18 price tag to be way out of their budget.    

What I loved about Pink Floral Milk was the intoxicating smell that it gave off before my nose had even made contact with the ball. Supposedly sharing its scent with Raspberry Milkshake Soap, this bath bomb is a haze of sweetness, interlaced with rich but sharp tang of fruit. While I believe the soap is more juicy in fragrance, you can definitely detect a musky, raspberry aroma as the key note. Although not the same, this does remind me a little of both Cupid Bath Bomb and Which Came First in the fact that it is both fruity whilst with a sweet and sultry undertone.

In the tub, the bath bomb dissolves very quickly, colouring the water a pastel pink and sending the flowers floating across the surface. Whilst it's dissolving, the coconut powder produces a creamy layer that ebbs and flows throughout the bath tub, although it did find that it dissolved into the water fairly quickly.

Whilst the scent was present throughout the whole experience, I didn't feel as if it was particularly strong at all - definitely not to the same level that it was when I first purchased it. Furthermore, I felt as if the muskiness was lost quite a bit in the water and therefore didn't smell as good after it had been used.

After spending close to an hour bathing (which I felt I had to given the price tag of this thing) I found that my skin felt smooth and soft, although not to the level that I was expecting from such an expensive investment. While I could detect the slightest smell on my skin afterwards, this was very short lived, and even brushing my teeth took away the scent very quickly. 

On the one hand, I think the idea of a custom bath bomb is a wonderful idea. Although Lush's gift sets are beautiful in themselves, there are times when something a little extra special is needed. Customers who are especially a fan of a particular flower, herb or plant would be able to incorporate their passion into a product, and there's something really special about that.

However, for the quality of the product itself, I don't necessarily believe that it's the perfect format yet. Perhaps Lush could sell the two pieces of the bath bomb as a product itself, and leave the consumer to choose what they wanted to fill the centre with - therefore reducing the price of Pink Floral Milk down to a more reasonable amount.    

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Coconut Milk Powder, Bergamot Oil, Cananga Oil, Water.

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: £18.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2018.

Scent Family:
Pink Floral Milk Giant Bombshell
Raspberry Milkshake Soap

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