13 September 2018

Lord Of Misrule Body Lotion

It's hard to believe that it's been almost five years since the first ever release of the Lord Of Misrule scent. When that brand new green bath bomb entered into my life, all the way back at the start of this blog's journey, little did I know that it would become one of my all time favourite products; nor did I predict that the fragrance would cement itself as one of the greatest, and most popular, smells that Lush have ever produced.

Over the years we've seen perfumes, body sprays, body conditioners and more being blessed with this scent, and now this body spray is expanding the family even further. After managing to prise myself away from the tub of Yog Nog that had been living in my bag ever since it had arrived, I was excited yet rather nervous to see how this limited edition fared well when compared to the other lotions in the collection. 

Despite being obsessed with this fragrance, I would always be completely honest, and as objective as I can be, about any and every product that Lush bring out on release. So I'll say with a slight sadness that Lord Of Misrule Body Lotion didn't live up to the high expectations I had set aside for it, and certainly wasn't them firm favourite I was assuming it would be.

Firstly, I want to make it clear that Lord Of Misrule Body Lotion smells like a dream. There is no denying that this body lotion smells simply beautiful, and I'd happily buy myself another tub if I had the finances to do so. Having said that, for those with a strong nose for change, this body lotion doesn't offer a good replica for the fragrance at all, and fans wanting that richness that we all know and love will have to continue looking elsewhere for it.

In the pot, Lord Of Misrule smells like a patchouli lover's dream. My nose immediately picked up a strong and yet very dry note of the patchouli, and this is the dominant scent here. It's robust and wholesome, and suits the beautiful shade of green that the lotion is presented in. There is also a tiny hint at a spicy note of black pepper, which sits underneath the patchouli and compliments it wonderfully.

Having said that, I was a little perturbed to discover that the vanilla is incredibly weak, especially when compared to every other Lord Of Misrule product.  Normally the inclusion of the vanilla absolute wraps itself around the patchouli and produces a soft blanket of sweetness - one that takes away a little of the sharpness of the other components present, and makes the fragrance so warming and comforting.

However, in this format the vanilla is more of an afterthought, and you can barely smell it in the tub. Strangely, on the skin, the cocoa butter suddenly makes an appearance, and a strong, chocolately note seems to envelop with the warmth of your body. While this settles down on your skin after a short while and does develop into more of just a sweet smell over time, it definitely isn't the Lord Of Misrule that I know and love.

Yet despite this, I cannot really fault the lotion as it is. Not only does it sport a beautiful shade of green but the lotion is thick enough that you barely need to use much to coat your whole body with. Feeling very similar to Sympathy For The Skin, this limited edition will coat your skin for a few seconds before being absorbed by the body. 

Strangely, this lotion tends to leave your skin marginally sticky for around ten minutes after application. However, it's not sticky enough that you wouldn't be able to put your clothes back on beforehand, and the product certainly doesn't rub onto your clothing or leave you feeling uncomfortable. Furthermore, my skin felt instantly rejuvenated afterwards, and I could definitely feel how much plumper and healthier my skin felt after application.

Over the space of a few days, this lotion didn't appear to improve the condition of my skin, but it did leave it feeling smooth and soft to the touch. I chose to put this on before heading to bed, and I found that my skin did feel lovely and soft when I woke up in the morning.

Despite how my body felt after using this, I was a little disappointed that the scent didn't linger around for very long after use. To my nose, I couldn't smell this a little over an hour after putting it on, which is not very impressive given how long some of the other body lotions have lasted on my skin.

Ultimately, fans of Lord Of Misrule will appreciate and no doubt love this body lotion very much. However, there is a stark difference between the smell of this product and that of every other item currently available in the scent family. While I will cherish and use this lotion a lot, especially during the colder months of the year, I do think that Lush need to reformulate this a little and replicate the amazing Lord Of Misrule scent a little better.

Quantitative Ingredients: coming soon.

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: £16.95 for 225g.

Year Of Original Release: 2018.

Scent Family:
Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb
Lord Of Misrule Body Conditioner
Lord Of Misrule Body Lotion
Lord Of Misrule Body Spray
Lord Of Misrule FUN Bar
Lord Of Misrule Liquid Perfume
Lord Of Misrule Liquid Perfume
Lord Of Misrule Naked Shower Cream
Lord Of Misrule Perfume Oil
Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream
Lord Of Misrule Solid Perfume
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