1 September 2018

Rainbow Brighton Bath Bomb

When Lush fans get asked what they look for in a bath bomb, a large majority would probably comment on a particular size, colour and scent. Most bath bombs I have tried from the company probably live up to at least two out of three of these important features, and this would make for a good quality experience in the bath that I would be happy to invest in again. 

Very few have ever hit the jackpot and succeeded in meeting all of the standards to a very high degree, and when I find one that does I end up trying to adopt it so I can label it my child. Such is the case when it comes to Rainbow Brighton Bath Bomb.

On the negative side, this limited edition was so exclusive that it was only available to purchase for a couple of days in a single shop in Brighton. While the community normally relish in the Lush rarities they can get their hands on, the exclusiveness of this release meant that not many people had the opportunity of trying one out for themselves. It seemed a shame when the bath bomb was of such a high quality.

However, all of the proceeds (minus the VAT) was donated to the Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard: a charity for LGBTQ people looking for community, support and information in the borough: a cause definitely worth supporting in such a positive and fun way.

To look at, you cannot ask for any more when it comes to Rainbow Brighton. Not only is the product super heavy and slightly larger than the regular bath bombs you can purchase in stores, but the combination of colours on both of the surfaces means that this beautiful specimen is almost a piece of artwork in itself.

Sprinkled with a touch of silver lustre, you only need to touch the surface of the water for the various colours to explode across the surface, sending yellows and oranges, reds and pinks swirling and fizzing like a beautiful parade. While this bath bomb is heavy, it's able to hold itself on the surface of the water and takes a good few minutes to fully dissolve. During this time, you have the pleasure of watching a rainbow of colours pattern the water before settling down to a vibrant orange water for you to bathe in. 

Containing a combination of lemon myrtle and Sicilian lemon oils, this bath bomb offers a bright, fruity concoction that leaves your mouth salivating and your senses begging for more.  Very similar in scent to Refresher Shower Jelly, this limited edition is super uplifting and soothing: you feel like you're bathing in a warm summer's day, even when the weather outside is not being as generous as you'd like it to be.

What impressed me about this bath bomb was the fact that the scent lingered throughout the whole experience, and I could smell it on both my skin and my hair afterwards as well. Furthermore, the fragrance could still be detected nearly three hours after I had let the water run away.

As if the aroma wasn't impressive enough, the water was silky smooth to the touch: you could quite literally see a glimmer of the oils on the surface as you were bathing. This meant that my skin felt incredible during and and after my bath, and I didn't need to moisturise at all to enjoy a pair of silky soft legs for the rest of the day. 

It is is releases like this that make me wonder why Lush don't consider them to be a regular bath bomb to begin with. When compared to some of the other products that have been around for years, this one would easily outsell them, as they offer far more in the way of scent and colour. 

I am super happy that a friend managed to pick me up three of these as they will heed three of the best baths I have had all year. I've heard rumours that these will be at the up and coming showcase event as well, and I hope for the sake of other Lush fans that it does. Rainbow Brighton is definitely not a bath bomb that should be making a fleeting visit, and I hope for consumers that it makes an appearance again really soon.

Quantitative Ingredients: lemon myrtle oil, Sicilian lemon oils.

Vegan?: Yes.

2018 Price: £5.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2018 (only in Brighton, UK)

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