1 January 2015

Best Wishes Gift Set

Despite my obsession with Lush, I don't tend to get many Lush products as Christmas presents. The reason for this is simple; most of my family know how much money I spend on the company, and they'd rather buy me something a little different than get me something that'll just get 'lost' within my large collection. However, this year I was surprised to find that not only did I get a lot of my favourite products from my siblings, but I also received this gift set from my sister's boyfriend.

Best Wishes isn't exactly the most attractive seasonal collection. When sitting amongst the large boxes decorated with glitter, sparkles and fancy ribbons, I can see a gift set such as this getting pushed aside for the more interesting looking sets. However, on closer inspection, this is rather a lovely collection, one  where all three of the featured products compliment each other wonderfully. 

Priced up at £12.95, this set is a great secret santa or stocking filler - offering three limited edition seasonal products to warm your tired muscles and refresh your senses. 

This box set includes:

While the latter ballistic may seem out of place in this collection, it's surprisingly complimentary of its cinnamon-themed companions. Although this sounds rather greedy, I used this gift set to have one amazingly indulgent bathing experience with. I threw both of the bath bombs in at once - relishing in the refreshing and rather crisp fruity aroma from So White alongside the spicy and very wintery fragrance of other two products. I topped this up with a sprinkling of Hot Toddy and had an incredibly relaxing and very comforting Boxing Day treat. Perfect.

Vegan?: Yes.

2014 Price: £12.95.

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