1 January 2015

Lush Cocktail: Smellbound

Fiona's 'Smellbound' Cocktail

-Half a Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb
-Half a Jingle Spells Bath Bomb
-Half a Wizard Bubble Bar
-Lashings Of Twilight Shower Gel



Any cocktail that uses Lord Of Misrule is already a winner in my eyes - there's something so rich and beautiful about it's amazing fragrance. Couple with the sweet and spicy element of both Jingle Spells and Wizard Bubble Bar, and it's pretty certain that you're going to have a good time in the bath with this cocktail. 

I sprinkled the Wizard under the running tap first - I figured if I waited until I had run the bath first, I'd only be wasting the bubble potential of this Halloween Special. Unfortunately, it's not the most generous of bubble bars and while it covered the bath under a blanket of fluffy bubbles, most of these dispersed within the first ten minutes of being in the tub. 

I then threw both Jingle Spells and Lord Of Misrule in before adding a drizzle or two of Twilight Shower Gel. This not only pads out the wonderful aroma of the bath, but improves the moisturising properties of the water. I added to the experience by both using Twilight Shower Gel to clean myself with, and spraying myself with a generous helping of Lord Of Misrule Perfume afterwards. Wonderful. 

This combination turned the water a beautiful deep shade of purple - it was a very mystical experience, one that envelops you in the warmth of the smells and makes you feel really comforted during and afterwards. The combined scents gave this bath a sexy, sultry and very wholesome aroma - one that stayed really strong throughout the whole experience and lingered on the skin afterwards.

For me, the Twilight Shower Gel came through the most, with Lord Of Misrule complimenting the malty lavender of the gel and adding a spicy element to the water. The Jingle Spells and Wizard sweetened the whole experience with a gentle sprinkling of, and while Wizard was probably the weakest of the four, it helped to make the water super soft and nourishing on the skin. 

This is quite a heavy smelling bath so would be best suited as a nightcap - not one that should be experienced first thing in the morning. The silky soft water left me feeling super hydrated and well-pampered - I didn't have to moisturise myself at all after this. The wonderful scent also lingered on my skin for a long time - which is great if you're heading straight to bed as you'll wake up to the most amazing fragrances on your pillow.

This is a cocktail I will definitely try again - it was rather spectacular. I only hope that Lush bring Jingle Spells back as I'm down to my last half.

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.7 out of 10. 


  1. Ooh can't wait to try it now. I was hoping for a deep rich purple colour but these cocktails have surprised me in the past!

    1. It was really lovely and has set the bar very high at the start of the year :)

  2. If you love sweet baths like i do, I'd reccommend:
    - Half a candy mountain
    - A drop or two of snow fairy shower gel
    - Hole of Butterbear/ball

    The sweetness of candy mountain and snow fairy makes you want to eat yourself but the Butterbear calms you down whilst moisturising your skin. Perfect after a day at work :)

    1. Oooh lovely suggestion - what would you call this? I'll add it my ever-growing list of ones I need to try and review :)

  3. I'm going to use this cocktail tonight Rachel!