2 January 2015

White Christmas Gift Set

When my flatmates heard about the Lush Boxing Day sale, both of them were very interested in picking themselves up a few bargains. While I chose to set my alarm for ridiculous hours in the morning, both of my friends opted for an easier way of getting what they wanted - requesting that I purchased something we could all share and then handing me some money. So while they slept peacefully until early afternoon, I waited up all morning to to buy this gift set for us all to share.

White Christmas is a collection that has been released for quite a number of Christmases now - each year having it's box redesigned and featuring some of the current seasonal products, alongside some of the biggest sellers. This is a collection for anybody that wants a range of different products - from lotions and scrubs, to soaps, shower gels and jellies - there is something in here for everyone. It's especially great for those who don't have access to a bath as there is nothing here that cannot be used before, during or after a shower.

This box includes:

Fair Trade Foot Lotion (non-vegan)
Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub (non-vegan)
D'Fluff Shaving Cream (non-vegan)
Lip Service Lip Balm (non-vegan)
Million Dollar Moisturiser (non-vegan)

As you can see, this box set is not strictly vegan - something I would normally have a problem with if I was buying it solely for me. However, as the products were going to be shared out with two non-vegan friends, I was more than happy to let them enjoy the ones I couldn't use. 

There is a high number of shower gels, jellies and soaps present in the collection - meaning this box set should last someone a good 5-6 months to get through and use it all up. For this reason, anyone who purchased or received one of these has the privilege of having a collection that should last through until the summer. Unfortunately, as this is a collective flat investment, I cannot see it lasting much past February. 

My only qualm with this gift set is that a lot of the lotions and hair care items are very small - some coming in at only 35g in weight. While I recognise that it wouldn't be conducive to add full size products in a gift set, I would have least expected the lotions to be in 100g tubs. On the other hand, it is a great tool for those who want to trial out new products before they invest in the full-sized version. And having smaller tubs means that Lush have been able to add a better range of products to test out.

At £75.95, this is one of the most expensive gift sets on offer this Christmas. However, as per usual, the range of items that are featured here, coupled with the great big box it comes in, would make a wonderful present for anyone who appreciates Lush. If you see one of these floating around on eBay, I would highly recommend that you snap it up. 

Vegan?: No. 

2014 Price: £75.95.


  1. It's rather interesting!
    The "White Christmas" gift set that was being sold in the US had a couple of different items in it.

    1. When I was on the US site a few weeks ago, I noticed that quite a lot of your gifts had different contents -Rachel

  2. I do find it rather odd that Lush do this as surely it's more work for them to design or change the products you find in each set. I do wonder why they do this!

  3. I was online for most of boxing day to buy this. Got the confirmation, my card was charged and had a delivery email but was recently told it's out of stock! After a bit of pushing they gave me a super good deal with refund/compensation!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't get this in the end - the Boxing Day sale was a bit of a disaster wasn't it? I'm still waiting on two orders - I'll give it until the end of the week and then I'll email them again and find out what's going on! I'm glad you got a good deal from them in the end - I wonder how much money they've lost this year due to all of the mess ups!