24 January 2015

Toucan Love Valentine's Day Gift Set 2015

This box set features:

I'm going to be honest and say that I'm rather disappointed with this year's Valentine's Day gift sets - the reason being that there isn't one available in the UK that comes in a reusable box. For the last two years running, Lush have always brought out at least one set that's presented in something that I can utilise after I've used up all of the products. 

Last year I was really happy to get my greedy mitts on the beautiful Lots Of Love collection and the previous year saw me pick up the rather lovely Heart Of Gold - the box of which I still use to this day. Unfortunately, the company have chosen to not offer UK fans the rather wonderful looking True Romance Gift Set - which looks stunning...from a distance!

Having said that, I cannot deny that the designs of the gift sets that are available are still very beautiful, and I like that Lush have opted to offer more sets that feature a combination of Valentine's Day products with regular items.

Toucan Love is a set that was first introduced last year and I have to admit that this year's design is far more beautiful and eye-catching to behold. Featuring only two products, this is probably Lush's smallest gift set from the seasonal range, and this fact is only verified when the box is opened.

This collection features a full-sized Shades Of Earl Grey Massage Bar which I was very happy with as it happens to be one of my favourites. Alongside this is the smallest bottle of shower gel, Prince Charming, that I have ever seen. I thought that the 100g bottles were the smallest that Lush went in regards to their liquids, but obviously not. This 65g bottle is utterly adorable and just the right size for those normal people who enjoy Lush but don't feel the need to have gallons of the stuff. 

While Prince Charming is a fruity affair and Shades is more of a citrus and slightly herbal offering, these two products work well together and make this a perfect gift for someone who wants to share this with their partner. After enjoying a long soak in the bath, or a slightly shorter experience in the shower, a couple can indulge in the moisturising properties of the massage bar well into the night...

While I bought this for myself and are far too greedy with my Lush products to share them with anyone else, I will definitely be using both of these to pamper myself with, and I may be tempted to buy a second set to see me through until next year...

Vegan?: Yes.

Price: £10.95.


  1. I love Prince Charming shower gel! Do you feel that it has changed at all from last year, or is it still the same? When I first purchased it I could not stand the smell, but as the product aged in the bottle a few months, it's definitely my all time favorite shower gel from lush.

    1. Hmmm - maybe! When I first tried it, I was a little disappointed that it was really fruity but I couldn't really detect much of the 'mallow' element to it. However, as you said, it aged well in the bottle and after a couple of months, it was far nicer. This year it seemed to give off that sweet and fruity vibe straight away so perhaps they've perfected the recipe a little.

  2. Lush US has Cupid's Love soap instead of 50 Shades of Earl Grey massage bar.

  3. hello! do you know which gift set sprinkleofglitter was sent by Lush? :-)

  4. Hi there - I believe her box is one of the promotional sets that they send some bloggers to talk about and review on their blogs/channels :)