15 January 2015

Lush Cocktail: Glitter Mountain

Amy's Glitter Mountain Cocktail



After the amazing experience I had with Smellbound, I didn't think that there would be a cocktail that would make as much of an impression on me as this one did. While I love citrus-smelling concoctions, I thought I'd be hard-pressed finding anything that outshone the magical powers of Lord Of Misrule. I was pleasantly surprised then, when this cocktail literally blew my socks away. 

As I normally do with all of my Lush Cocktails, I first used my bubble bars to stimulate a rather impressive mountain of bubbles. Due to it's hard consistency, I found it a lot easier to hold Sunnyside Bubble Bar under the tap and let the force of the running water stimulate the production of bubbles. This beauty turned the water a less than pleasant yellow colour but the lustre gave it a wonderful golden sheen which was very pretty.

Up next I crumbled a third of a Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, which darkened the water slightly and added a mildly spicy juniperberry and grapefruit aroma. The smell of this bubble bar was highly refreshing and really complimented the tangerine scent from the Sunnyside Bubble Bar. If anything, it made the fragrance of the whole bath slightly richer and more sensual-smelling, which remained prominent throughout the entire bath and left a lingering smell on my skin afterwards. 

To make this bath smell even more amazing, I added in an entire Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt. This can easily be halved or cut into thirds if you're looking to conserve your products, especially a limited edition as amazing as this one. However, after a rather terrible day at work, I needed something fully indulgent and opted to throw the whole product in. 

This bath melt dissolved slowly on the surface of the water and gave off a really bright, zesty lemon and lime scent. While it didn't add a lot of colour to the water, the layer of silver lustre on top, combined with the glitter from both of the bubble bars, made this a beautiful looking bath.

Next up, I added in half of The Sparkler Ballistic - the only product in this cocktail that didn't possess a citrus aroma. This bath bomb shares it's scent with the Rose Jam family, and while it initially stuck out like a sore thumb, it only helped to pad out the smell of the bath and give it a slightly sweet and powdery floral aroma. While this was rather subtle once I had submerged myself in the water, I could still detect faint traces of rose and this just added an extra special element to the whole experience. 

Finally, I thew in an entire Golden Wonder Ballistic. While there were already enough products in the water to give me a strong and very enjoyable bath, the bath bomb turned the water into a beautiful and very vivid forest green colour, which coupled with the waves of golden lustre swirling around under the surface, made for a stunning looking bath. 

As soon as I settled in the tub, I knew that I had stumbled upon an incredible cocktail. The water was really thick and silky and my skin felt incredible afterwards; my face was aglow and I could feel the warmth radiating off of me for many hours after I had exited the bath. 

While there is enough glitter here to sink a ship, I didn't find it at all annoying - it didn't stick to my skin or in my hair and it washed away with ease afterwards, so it was a stress-free experience overall.; the fragrance of the water was strong enough to remain prominent throughout the entire experience, yet it wasn't at all overpowering.

Although this has become one of my favourite Lush Cocktails, I do see it as an occasional treat. I recognise the fact that this combination requires a lot of different products and it probably works out fairly expensive for one bath. However, it is definitely worth it and would be best saved for one of those days where only a bath fit for kings/queens will do. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 9.4 out of 10.


  1. That water looks amazing! Like something out of a fairy tale! I'm not at a the point where I have enough Lush goodies to use more than one in the bath at a time, but I have definitely made note to try this one (and the LoM one) when I can!

  2. This looks amazing! But wasn't it Amy who came up with it rather than Hawwaa? (Unless they are the same person...)

    1. Yup it was Amy! Told Jen already!

  3. The colour is amazing. I am not usually a fan of citrus, but for some reason I have come to like golden wonder and star light.