19 January 2015

Lush Cocktail: Pink Friday

Amy's Pink Friday Cocktail

Lashings Of Celebrate Body Lotion for afterwards.



Despite knowing how versatile Lush products are, I've never even considered using a massage bar in the bath before now. After my flatmate once mistook a massage bar for a bath melt and threw the entire bar in, I've never been able to get the sheer horror of her facial expression when she realised her mistake, out of my head. For this reason, I was a little apprehensive about trying out this cocktail for the first time. 

While I am posting this on a Tuesday, I originally tried this Lush Cocktail out on a Friday - an apt tribute to it's name, and found that it was just what I was looking for to wash away the horrible week that I had had at work. 

To begin with, I crumbled a third of The Comforter Bubble Bar under the water. This is one of the most generous bubble bars that Lush currently offer and you could easily reduce this down to a quarter if you're wanting to conserve the product. 

As to be expected, the bubble bar produced a very generous amount of fruity bubbles and turned the water into a warm and very inviting silky haven. Already my bath smelled and looked incredibly inviting - a sweet and sherbety blackcurrant aroma amidst a sea of pastel-pink and swirls of creamy foam. 

Next, I broke off a small chunk of Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar and added this to the water. While it wasn't as quick at dissolving as Lush's usual bath melts, it did release waves of oils across the bath and help to not only deepen the shade of pink, but give the water an added boost of essential oils. 

Surprisingly, the scent of this was one of the most prominent elements of the bath and I really appreciated the powdery, fruity goodness that it gave to the experience. Having said that, it should be known that you'll have to rinse your tub out after this bath as the remnants of this massage bar tends to stick to the base and needs a little coaxing down the drain. 

Finally, I threw in a Supernova Bath Bomb - which although matches the colour theme of this experience, is much more of a citrus affair. If you're wanting The Comforter to be the dominant fragrance, I would recommend that you divide this bath bomb into two and only use a half. I say this as this tends to come out as the strongest note in this cocktail.

The bath bomb deepens the shade of pink in the water and offers a wonderful display of colour to enjoy while you're in the tub. Containing both orange and lime oil, Supernova adds a sweet and very light citrus aroma to the mix. While it doesn't add any noticeable moisturising properties, the other two ingredients already ensure you'll be left feeling wonderfully nourished. Finally, once you've exited the bath, top up the smell by lathering yourself in the rich and very thick Celebrate Body Lotion

This is the perfect Lush cocktail for those who want something uplifting yet comforting before a night out on the town. The citrus element of the bath bomb invigorates your senses, while the Strawberry Feels Forever and Comforter add a wonderful uplifting but rather sensual fruity element. 

While the bath is predominantly pink, I wouldn't say that this would only be appealing to young girls. It's not got that simple, sugary smell that you would expect by looking at the pictures - instead it offers a great balance between sweet and fruity. I was really surprised at how much the massage bar impacted on the overall smell and it's great for us vegans who don't get to experience this scent in many other formats. 

If like me, you're still hesitant to use a massage bar in this context, you may opt to swish a Drummers Drumming Reusable Bubble Bar around instead and get the same scent from this. Either way, this Lush Cocktail will leave a strong impression on you and I can guarantee that you'll receive lots of comments about 'that gorgeous smell' all night long.

Vegan?: Yes.

Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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  1. I need to try this one, sounds so good! I love Comforter & all Lush sweet scents (vanilla & berries) so I'm sure this will be a winner :)