5 January 2015

Season Greetings Gift Set

When I logged onto the Lush website on Boxing Day, I was only looking for one thing: gift sets. While I would have been happy buying up a million and one bath bombs, the truth is that I already had enough of these to sink a ship with. Instead, I was looking to purchase and experience as many of Lush's seasonal collections as I could - there is something rather magical about opening up a gift set and not knowing what you're going to get inside...

When Season's Greetings arrived, I was impressed by the size of the box but rather disappointed with the design. While Lush offer both gift boxes and paper-wrapped collections, the designs are still normally rather appealing to the eye. However, I found very quickly that not only is the design of this one rather boring and slightly dated to look at, the paper itself was the cheapest excuse for wrapping that I have ever seen.  

As a collector, I enjoy removing the gift wrap of every gift set that I get, and either storing it to reuse the next year or using it for scrap-booking or art projects at school. When I tried to remove the wrapping from Season's Greetings however, I found that it tore very easily and had the same consistency as cheap newspaper. Not impressed.

I researched the product and discovered that the wrapping was designed by freelance designer Sarah Bagshaw and printed onto cotton off-cuts by a company in India. While this redeemed the gift slightly, it didn't sell the concept to me 100%. 

Having said this, the range of products that feature in this gift set is incredible and probably one of my favourite collections from the 2014 Christmas range. In this set, you'll find a selection of products where most of them smell rather different yet the scents compliment each other wonderfully. 

This set features:

This set not only features my all time favourite bath bomb (Lord Of Misrule) but my favourite product from the Christmas range (Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar). The fact that Lush have included a mixture of Christmas, Halloween and regular products makes this a great all-round collection. 

Priced up at £33.95, this is a gift set for someone who's dedicated to the art of bathing and pampering. This is perhaps my favourite set within the £30-£40 range and would be one I would buy a few more of if they appeared on eBay at any point. 

Vegan?: Yes. 

2014 Price: £33.95.

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  1. This was the only giftset I got on boxing day. I really like it- I couldn't believe they had several left in the store by the time I got there. Mine's exactly the same as the UK one with the exception of having a Celebrate lotion instead of the Fairy Ring soap. Interesting that they made that change. I wonder why.