14 January 2015

Under The Covers Massage Bar

My favourite part of being a 'Lushie' is that the majority of the fan base are amazing individuals who are incredibly kind and generous to other obsessives all over the world. Part of this means that when a particular country decide to release a product that no one else can buy, fans will often go out of their way to offer these items to those most in need. 

In 2013, Lush were featured in an episode of Undercover Boss, and as a celebration of their appearance, the company released a limited edition massage bar for their Canadian fans. Luckily, I had contacts that were able to send me one of these rarities, and I've been savouring it for as long as I could.

To look at Under The Covers, you wouldn't initially describe it as anything special. Moulded to the same shape and size as most of Lush's other massage bars, the only immediate difference you will notice is that this one is coloured a shade of baby pink. 

However, you only have to sniff this product to know that you've stumbled upon a pot of gold. Designed to smell of strawberries and cream, this massage bar shares it's scent with The Kiss; a seasonal lip tint that has been a prominent feature of the last two Valentine's Day releases.   

Where this product differs from other Strawberry-scented products that Lush offer (Strawberry Feels Forever, Strawberry Twin Tub, Two Timing Tart), is that this one is much more playful and sugary-sweet. As I mentioned in my review of The Kiss, the aroma reminds me of Pick n Mix - similar to the smell you'd expect upon walking into an old, rustic sweet shop. The fragrance reminds me a little of the strawberry Refresher chews I used to enjoy as a child - a sickly sweet, powdery smell that has a rather youthful kick to it.  

Under The Covers is very easy to melt, and I found it worked best to rub it between my palms before massaging it all over my body. The bar produces quite a thin but rather greasy residue that spreads really easily across your skin. It's worth noting that you don't want to bleed too much of the bar into your hand as the oils take a good fifteen minutes to absorb into your skin, and applying too much will only result in you wasting it. 

The bar leaves behind a wonderful aroma, which intensifies slightly due to your body heat. I found that it was slightly more fruity on my skin - reminding me of peaches or strawberry coulee, and I loved the fact that this smell followed me around all day. For this reason, it's a great product to use in the summer. 

As I mentioned above, it does take a while for the product to 'settle' so it's not one you should use if you're in a hurry. What makes this bar so special is that, like the lip balm, it has a slight shimmer to it, which rubs onto your skin during application and makes your body look slightly luminous. For this reason, it's a great product to use before a night on the town - giving you a gentle shimmer without you having to paste on the glitter. 

Unlike some of Lush's other massage bars, Under The Covers was created by whipping the ingredients together in such a way that it created a light, fluffy and airy bar. This makes the bar very light but also compact - a feature that Lush claim will extend the life of the product. Lush claim it will last you longer than your average massage bar, and having used it a handful of times, I have noticed that it's a lot slower at shrinking than some of their regular bars. I can imagine this lasting for at least 10-12 full body massages, which makes it fantastic value for money.

Unfortunately, this bar has only poked it's head around the corner once, and it has not been seen since. In fact, you can barely find any information about Under The Covers on the internet, which is a shame as I feel there would be a lot of interest from fans around the world. I hope Lush bring this back through their Kitchen Initiative as it's a wonderful product, and definitely one that would prove popular.

Vegan?: Yes.  

Scent Family:
The Kiss Lip Gloss
The Kiss Lip Scrub
Under The Covers Massage Bar


  1. It's so nice when people are like that. I've found it with Yankee Candle lovers (and tea and Japanese snacks to a lesser extent). I still need to try a massage bar but obviously it won't be this one. I want to try the Earl Grey one.


    1. The Earl Grey One Is one of my favourites - it's wonderful - I hope you love it as much as I do!