29 January 2015

Ultrabalm Multi-purpose Balm

In all honesty, when I first sat down to write this review, I didn't really know where to start. This wasn't because I had little experience with this product - in fact, I've been using it solidly for the past six months. Neither was it because it was ineffective - quite the opposite. It was simply because this product is as basic as they come and does exactly what it states on the tin. No more, no less.

Ultrabalm is a multi-purpose balm made from three ingredients and designed for  'bits that chap and chafe'. In it's simplest terms, it's Lush's version of Vaseline - just without the long list of non-vegan ingredients and a company that test on animals. 

Much like the above product, the balm's consistency means that it's resilient to water and works as a very effective barrier on the skin. At the same time, the jojoba oil is highly moisturising and stops Ultrabalm from drying out the skin. Then there's rose oil, which aside from being fantastic at calming and soothing irritated and sensitive skin, also gives this balm a very subtle floral scent. 

This useful balm can be used for an impressive array of ailments - from wounds and dry patches, sun-damaged skin and hair management. However, I will state that this balm should not be used as a lip balm - simply because it's too greasy and doesn't dissolve well enough to moisturise the lips. 
Aside from this, let's focus on what this balm can do. First and foremost, this balm works wonders at protecting shallow cuts and scrapes, forming a barrier to prevent dirt getting in whilst keeping the area well lubricated. Since turning to a vegan diet almost seven years ago, I have noticed that I tend to heal a little bit slower than I used to. Ultrabalm helps to speed things up.  

Secondly, this balm also helps to soothe skin and reduce redness, whether it's from eczema, bites, rashes or sunburn. I notice a difference within a few hours of applying this and it's a godsend if you're out somewhere and get stung by a stinging nettle. I have also used this after I've been tattooed and it helps to keep the colour in whilst soothing my scarred skin. 

Finally, the carefully selected waxes make this a highly moisturising product. When I get dry patches on my face, arms or feet, I always apply this and within a day or two my skin looks and feels so much better. It works especially well on the soles of my feet, where I sometimes get a build up of hard, dry skin from being on my feet all day. Within a few days of using this, my skin softened and by the end of the month, these patches had all but disappeared. 

A 45g tub will set you back £8.75, and while that may sound like a lot of money, the tub will last you a good six months to a year - even with daily use. Unlike Vaseline, it's great for the environment and is 100% safe to use on your skin. Plus those who dislike overpowering smells, will be happy to know that this has a very subtle smell. 
Overall, this is staple Lush product and one that is well worth the investment. It fits in your bag or pocket and can be taken anywhere, should you need to pull it out during an emergencies. Although I have described lots of ways that this product works, I haven't even covered half of the things that it can do, and it is up to you to try it out for yourself and discover how it can help you. I will never not have a pot on my being. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax, Rose Wax.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £8.95 for 45g. 


  1. Wow, what a price difference! Over here in NZ it is only $10nzd (about £4) for the same size tub. This is one of the only LUSH products I haven't liked. Much too greasy for me

    1. Wow - that is a vast difference in price...crazy!

    2. I am so overwhelmed looking at your blog! I thought I was a LUSH addict, having tried all products available in NZ over the last two years. But if looks like there is a whole wide world of LUSH I know nothing about!
      Just a quick question - how do the LUSH Forum sales work? I have seen a few products on here that you mention as being a Forum special, but how do people on the forum go about buying them? I have joined the forum, but am yet to be accepted. Also, these forum specials, are they shipped worldwide?

    3. Hi there - what would you say are your favourite products, if you've tried them all in NA? I'm always intrigued to know people's favourites.

      As for the forum sales, these haven't happened in a good many years now - in fact, they stopped way before even I became an avid fan of Lush. How they used to work is that Lush fans who were members of the international forum would often be able to vote for products or suggest ideas and then Lush would make the items and offer them to up to buy through the forum (either a secret page on their website that fans would be directed to or just a member of Lush taking people's details and sending them their items. In fact, some of Lush's products are actually named after Forum members or were originally designed by members.

      Unfortunately, due mostly to Lush's increasing popularity, they moved away from this idea and realised they could sell these products to everyone, not just forum members. I think the last Forum party was held in 2009ish so I don't think Lush plan on bringing these back, certainly not with the Lush Kitchen as it is.

      As for being accepted onto the forum, Lush don't actually run the board anymore so I don't know who it is that is accepting/dealing with new members. I found that after a few months of waiting for my acceptance email, I just logged in and was able to do so. I hope this helps :)

  2. Thank you so much for your help! Now I don't feel so left out haha, although we still haven't seen any of the Valentine's products over here yet, as they haven't been released! (I'm getting real impatient I tell ya).

    The product I'd most like to try is the Lush Lime shower smoothie that you've done a review on - sounds amazingly perfect for the hot whether we get over here, not to mention I love citrus scents. Here's hoping they re-release this sometime soon!

    My favourite products are:
    Rose Jam (Oh sweet Jesus this is delish - our Boxing Day sale is still on over here, and I just ordered 5 bottles of this at 50% off!)

    American Cream (I know you probably haven't tried this being that it isn't vegan. It makes my hair luxuriously soft and smelling amazing! Nothing like the strawberries and cream it mentions though.)

    African Paradise (makes my skin so soft I don't have to moisturise after - and smells heavenly)

    Gorgeous moisturiser - works wonders on my dry face! But why so expensive ��

    I feel quite lost now that I've tried everything I can possibly get my hands on lol, now that valentine's better hurry up or I will be ordering from the UK website!!

    1. Wow - they're a bit late releasing the Valentine's Day stuff! In a way, I'm so glad I'm in the UK as I hate seeing products come out that I cannot get hold off (like the Australian Lush Party a few years ago!). Would it work out that much more expensive if you bought from the UK?

      I haven't tried American Cream but one of my flatmates uses it all the time and I love the smell. Thankfully, the body lotion and bubble bars are vegan so I'm able to enjoy the smell in some format.

      I feel the same about Gorgeous. Although I cannot use it because again it's not vegan, I cannot believe that it is really worth the £40 price tag!!

      Rose Jam is definitely a contender for my favourite scent from Lush - I hope there's at least one thing with this scent featured in the Easter or Mother's Day range.

  3. I LOVE Ultrabalm! I wear a lot of flats and shoes without socks so I use baby powder or dusting powders in them, which is great for my feet but dries out my toenails to cracking. A little Ultrabalm overnight and my nails look SO healthy!