13 January 2015

Lonely Hearts Bubble Bar

Lonely Hearts Bubble Bar is the last of the Valentine's Day range that I have yet to try out. While I wouldn't say that I have saved the best to last, it is still a wonderful smelling product, and one that offered me exactly what I needed after a rather stressful day at work. 

This bubble bar is actually rather small - coming in at roughly 5cm in diameter and about 2cm thick. Priced up at £3.50, my initial reaction was that this product was highly expensive given it's dimensions. However, after testing it out, it became apparent that this bar is obviously rather compacted, as I was still able to get two good-quality uses out of it. So while some would argue that size matters, in this case the argument doesn't stand. 

Containing a combination of lemongrass and bergamot oil, with lashings of jasmine and rose absolute, this is a highly zesty bubble bar - but one with a twist. On first sniff, you can immediately detect the lemongrass and it is this note that remains the most prominent throughout your bathing experience. It's a slightly bitter citrus scent and you can definitely smell the grassy, green aroma that you would expect from this ingredient. 

Alongside this, the bergamot and jasmine absolute pad out the fragrance with a gentle but detectable sweet smell. By itself, I can imagine the lemongrass would be very overpowering to use in the bath. However, both of the aforementioned ingredients help to soften the scent and add a natural sweetness to the mix. 

Underneath all of this, there is a very light, almost unnoticeable floral smell from the rose absolute. This presents itself as more of a powdery note that can't really be detected until the bubble bar has been crumbled under the heat of the water. The rose then makes itself more present and stays with you for the duration of the bath. However, I should point out that it is still a very light scent and isn't potent enough to be off-putting to those who dislike the smell of rose.

Together, these ingredients create a smell that isn't far off the fragrance you'd find when using Stepping Stone Foot Scrub. It's a very uplifting aroma and one that would work well before a night out, although it is also one that some users may find a little too pungent to bathe in. 

You only need half of Lonely Hearts to produce an impressive haven of bubbles, so despite it's size, you'll still get as much use out of it as you would a regular bubble bar. I found it works best when the bar is crumbled under the running tap to achieve these fluffy bubbles and the bar is soft enough for you to do this with ease. 

Despite it's size, Lonely Hearts Bubble Bar creates an impressive amount of bubbles and leaves the water a wonderful deep red colour - which is not only very romantic if you intend on sharing this experience, but one that is also mentally and physically comforting for the user. While the bubble bar is covered in golden lustre, I didn't really notice any of this in the water and it certainly didn't make itself known on my skin.

The smell remained consistent throughout the entire bathing experience although the bubbles tended to disperse rather quickly, which was a little disappointing. While the bubble bar wasn't as moisturising as some of Lush's other ones, it did leave a gentle aroma on my skin and left me feeling very soft and clean. 

Overall, I did enjoy using this bubble bar and it's great to try something completely new from Lush. However, it's not one that I would immediately run out and stock up on, especially with the likes of Heart Throb Bubbleroon and Floating Flower performing better and working out better value for money.  

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cornflour, Lauryl Betaine, Perfume, Lemongrass Oil, Bergamot Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute, Oakmoss Extract, Benzyl Salicylate, Cinnamal, Citral, Geraniol, Benzyl Benzoate, Limonene, Linalool, Farnesol, Coumarin, Colour 14700, Snowflake Lustre, Gold Glimmer Lustre.

Vegan?: Yes. 

2015 Price: £3.50 each. 

Year of Original Release: 2015.


  1. I bought one on the launch day, good to hear I'll be able to get two uses out of it :)

  2. Oo these look like fun! Shame I missed it for Valentine's day!