7 January 2015

Lush Cocktail: Lord, That's Spicy!

Sari's 'Lord, That's Spicy' Cocktail

1/2 a Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar

1/2 a Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb
1/2 Melting Snowman Bath Melt
Lashings Of Hot Toddy Shower Gel
Spray of Lord Of Misrule Liquid Perfume



I've been rather amazed at the amount of Lush Cocktails that have been suggested so far - most of them sound incredible and it makes it very hard to decide which one I want to indulge in on a nightly basis. Unfortunately, a lot of them require products that I don't have in my vicinity, so I've had to make the rather difficult decision to place a large order online (sarcasm overload). Until my new goodies are delivered, I'll be mostly trying out the recipes that feature seasonal products as I have surplus amounts of these bath bombs to do so. 

Lord, That's Spicy! is a real 'feel good' cocktail - it's one of those experiences that wraps itself around you like a comfort blanket and leaves you feeling invigorated and refreshed. It's great for washing away the stresses of the day and treating your body and mind to something that'll both wake you up and unwind your mind at the same time. 

As you can see in my video, I opted to crumble half a Holly Golightly Bubble Bar under the running water. I will admit that this is rather a large chunk and there's no reason why you couldn't use a quarter of the product if you wanted to stretch it out further. 

This wonderful seasonal bubble bar created an abundance of creamy, soft bubbles and immediately turned the water a shade of turquoise-green. The cinnamon was very prominent in the fragrance and there was a sweet element as well which reminded me of fresh pastry dough and cinnamon swirls. 

Next up I added half a Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb. This added a layer of silk to both the consistency of the water and the overall scent in the bath. The vanilla and patchouli in this product really complimented the sugary-cinnamon smell of Holly Golightly. While the fragrance of this bath bomb is somewhat thwarted once all of the other products had been added, you could still detect a gentle peppery vanilla smell, which made itself known in small bursts throughout the bath and lingered on my skin for a while afterwards.

While I could have easily stopped here, I chose to add in half a Melting Snowman Bath Melt and a generous helping of Hot Toddy Shower Gel - both of which share their scent with the aforementioned bubble bar. Together, these two products made the water really silky and hydrating - nourishing and softening your skin without drying it out or leaving it feeling parched.

What I loved the most about this whole experience was the deep, royal-blue colour that the water turned once the Lord Of Misrule had been added. Although it wasn't far off the colour that Shoot For The Stars offers in the tub, there was something rather magical about how rich and vivid it felt when you were submerged beneath the water. The calmness of the blue really helped you to unwind and would be the perfect accompaniment before bedtime. 

While this cocktail isn't as spicy as it's title suggests, the heat of the cinnamon is enough to loosen up those tense muscles and bring some colour back into those frozen limbs. For an extra special finish, spray a little Lord Of Misrule Perfume on your wrists and go to be smelling incredible. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.7 out of 10. 


  1. That combo is lovely! I'm going to share my two favourites!

    The first one is very girly and pink, adorable!
    1/2 amandopondo bubble bar
    1 mm melting marshmallow moment
    1 rose queen bath bomb
    Rose jam showergel

    This is far more earthy, it makes you fell like you're in a calming forest
    1/4 blue skies bubble bar
    1 Dream time bath melt
    Supertramp showergel

    1. Wow - these both sound lovely! Do you have a name for each of them? I'll enter them into my cocktail competition!

  2. A cocktail to enter for your competition:
    'Bright Hippy Dragon'
    1/4 of brightside bubble bar
    1 dragons egg bath ballistic
    Lashings of happy hippy shower gel
    This is designed to energise yourself and put you in a brighter mood!:-)
    Made by me:-)

  3. I'm so excited that your tried this one. Hope you enjoyed it and I can't wait to see more cocktails!

  4. some cocktails i've been using recently including some seasonal products :)

    "juiced up"
    ¼ sunnyside bubble bar OR sparkly pumpkin bubble bar
    ¼ amandopondo bubble bar
    1 dragon's egg bath bomb
    rose jam shower gel

    "galactic fairy"
    1 intergalactic bath bomb
    1 candy mountain bubble bar or magic wand reusable bubble bar
    (weird combination, but i personally think it works!)

    "warm and spicy"
    1 cinders bath bomb
    1 stardust bath bomb
    1 to 2 rings of five gold rings bubble bar
    1/8 or 1/6 hollygolightly bubble bar