28 January 2015

Lush Cocktail: Rainbow Dash

Londo's Rainbow Dash Cocktail

Lashings Of Snowcake Shower Gel
Lashings Of Twilight Shower Gel



When I first saw the recipe for this cocktail, my initial reaction was that these ingredients wouldn't work together. While Luxury Lush Pud, Twilight Shower Gel and Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar all pertain a lavender scent, and Snowcake Shower Gel and Snow Angel Bath Melt share the same fragrance, the idea of incorporating all of these strong-smelling products in one bath sounded like a headache waiting to happen. 

However, I was surprised and rather excited when I began creating my Lush cocktail in the bath tub and discovered very quickly how well the smells compliment each other and create something rather magical... 

First up, I crumbled just over half of a Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar under the running tap. While I wasn't initially bowled over by this product when I first tried it, it has since gone up in my estimations and this was one bath where it showcased it's redeeming qualities wonderfully. 

The bubble bar created a pretty light pink coloured bath and filled the tub with an impressive range of soft, fluffy bubbles that glimmered in the light. These bubbles tend to subside fairly quickly once you're in the tub, but the moisturising properties of the bubble bar remain until the water is drained away. 

Next I squirted two or three generous helpings of Snowcake Shower Gel under the tap. This not only added to the amount of bubbles on the surface of the water, but the shower gel itself is really nourishing so it created a slightly oily consistency in the water - helping to make the bath water feel like velvet. 

Both of the ingredients so far gave off rather lovely smells - the lavender coming through from the bubble bar and a gentle sweet, almond aroma revealing itself as the heat reacted to the shower gel. 

It was then that I added an entire Snow Angel Bath Melt - a product that could easily be halved if you're looking to utilise Lush products across more than one bath. This dissolved slowly - throwing out waves of creamy, fragrant foam that floated on the surface of the water and created a silk blanket that I just wanted to curl up in. Not only this, but the melt also gave off a lot of glittery, gold lustre which only served to make the bath look even more stunning. Glitter-phobes will be glad to hear that while there is a lot of glitter, it doesn't stick to your skin and washes away with ease at the end of the bath. 

Finally, I added in my favourite - a Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb. This immediately fizzed and frothed on the surface and gave off a bright pink foam that stretched out across half of the tub. As the ballistic continued to spew out rainbow waves, the water began to change colour and by the end it was what I would call 'peach-cobbler red'. It reminded me of the deep but slightly orangey-scarlet colour that you may expect to see during a sunset - it was rather beautiful. 

To round off the whole experience, I used Twilight Shower Gel to compliment the other lavender elements in the overall fragrance and this only served to make my skin feel even more pampered by the end. Although I never need an excuse to use this as it is one of my favourite products, this shower gel really compliments this cocktail and I couldn't imagine using anything else.  

While I would find it difficult to describe the scent of this bath, I will say that it's a very unique one and one that I enjoyed very much. The lavender scent settled very quickly and although it was very much present throughout the whole experience, it wasn't too potent at all. The sweet nuttiness of both the Snowcake Shower Gel and the Snow Angel Bath Melt was also very pronounced but not so strongly that it took away from the floral element of the other products. 

This Lush Cocktail did exactly what I was hoping it would: give me a vivid, colourful and very bright experience; offer me something relaxing and unwinding but equally exciting; allow me to experience a scent combination that I wouldn't have tried myself through choice. Having so many of these products hoarded, I only have to stock up on Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and I could have one of these cocktails almost every week for a year!

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.6 out of 10.