27 January 2015

Sexy Peel Soap

When Lush first brought this soap back as a retro product, I was really excited to get my hands on a chunk. There are just some Lush products that read very much like a recipe, and this is one of them. Described as a 'marmalade soap', the ingredients conjure up thoughts of a sticky-sweet concoction - a soap suited perfectly for the summer months. 

Unfortunately, Sexy Peel didn't live up to my expectations at all. Despite it's pun-tastic name, this soap didn't possess anywhere near as wonderful an aroma as I expecting. With an impressive array of citrus elements, this soap should have been bursting at the seams with zestiness. Yet, my experience was rather more dampening. 

Firstly, I was rather intrigued by the inclusion lemon, orange and lime peel. Known for their cleansing and astringent properties, these three ingredients not only rejuvenate and brighten the skin, but also give off a naturally sour but equally gorgeous citrusy scent to enjoy whilst showering. With fresh orange and lemon juice to boot, there is no reason why this soap is not the juiciest, most edible-smelling soap on the planet.

However, I was disappointed to discover that the overall fragrance of this soap is rather mild. In fact, the lack of fresh fruitiness made Sexy Peel smell very bland and not unlike many other soaps that Lush offer. To me, this smelt very similar to Miranda, Sea Vegetable and Sandstone - just not as interesting or as potent.

Yet, despite what it lacks in scent, it more than makes up for in texture. In the shower, this product is very easy to lather up and I found a 100g block lasted me for a good month, using it every day. The soap produces a velvety-soft foam, which works wonderfully at cleaning your skin and leaving it feeling positively glowing. 

As I said above, this is a great soap for those hotter months, when you want something cleaning but uplifting and refreshing in the shower, and this is a soap that does exactly that. It works well at calming oily skin and balancing out levels of secretion without drying it out, so this works well for people of all skin types.

The inclusion of fruit pieces within the soap help to make Sexy Peel quite a nice, gentle exfoliator, without being too scratchy or harsh on the skin. What I found the most interesting, is that this soap lingers on your body for a good number of hours after use, which is surprising given the weak smell it possesses to begin with. 
Overall, this soap could be amazing if Lush only upped their game and reformulated the ingredients list. It's a great soap to wash with and does leave your skin feeling ready to face the dry, hot weather outside. However, maybe because I was expecting something incredibly zesty, and this soap wasn't as strong as I envisaged, it was a little bit of a let down. 

There are definitely far better soaps out there, and as long as I can get my paws on Sandstone and Karma, it's unlikely I'll rely on Sexy Peel for anything other than the occasional treat. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Rapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil, Propylene Glycol, Cornstarch, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Orange Peel, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Fresh Organic Lemon Juice, Fresh Organic Orange Juice, Organic Lime Peel, Lime Oil, Perfume, Grapefruit Oil, Fresh Organic Lime Juice, Lemon Oil, Glycerine, Sodium Chloride, EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Citral, Geraniol, Citronellol, Limonene, Linalool.

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. I tried this when it first appeared. Even though I am not a massive citrus fan. Back then I thought it was the most citrusy of all the fruity soaps. I sometimes think the smells are not quite the same now. I recently got hold of some ooh la la and it was nowhere near as potent as I remember it being. That might just be my sense of smell though.

  2. I think something must have gone wrong with that soap then. This soap used to be zesty and refreshing and full of citrussy goodness smells. It really should be helluva strong!

  3. Just bought some of this today and it has the strongest citrusy scent. Don't know if it'll lose it quite quickly though - she did cut it from a new block.

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